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Best Seats at Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas Raiders Seating Chart

Welcome to Allegiant Stadium, the newest venue in the NFL and one of the most expensive stadiums ever built. Home of the Las Vegas Raiders, the UNLV Rebels, mega concerts, and other live events like rugby and soccer, Allegiant Stadium was designed for every major type of event. With a retractable turf surface, a see-through ceiling, and high-tech touches throughout, visitors looking for the best seats at Allegiant Stadium will be wowed not just by the events they see but by the stadium itself. If you’re looking for the best seats at Allegiant Stadium, stick with the first few rows of the 300 level near midfield. For the best premium seats at Allegiant Stadium, go for club seats in C111, C113, C133, or C135. If you’re looking to spend up a little further, grab seats in C112 or C134, where you’ll also get an all-inclusive gourmet buffet and drinks and on-field lounge access.

Read on for all the details on where to sit at Allegiant Stadium – including the best seats for a concert!

The Basics of Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium, a modern marvel nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, is not just a sports arena; it’s a symbol of the city’s evolution and commitment to its sports culture. Constructed in recent years, this state-of-the-art facility is the proud home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders, marking a significant chapter in the team’s history and the city’s journey to becoming a major sports hub. It also serves as the home stadium for UNLV games.

Built at a cost of approximately $2 billion, Allegiant Stadium officially opened its doors in August 2020, making it one of the newest stadiums in the National Football League. Located just west of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, its prime location ensures that fans can easily access all the entertainment and amenities that the city has to offer.

The stadium offers a seating capacity of around 65,000, with the ability to expand to accommodate more than 70,000 for larger events. The sleek and futuristic design of Allegiant Stadium incorporates cutting-edge technology, including a massive 3,680-square-foot video board and one of its most unique features – a translucent roof that bathes the interior in natural light during the day. Being a new stadium, there are all kinds of bells and whistles to impress visitors. Interestingly, it features real grass as opposed to turf.

Allegiant Stadium is more than just a sports venue; it’s a symbol of Las Vegas’ commitment to embracing professional sports. As the home of the Las Vegas Raiders, it will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future of sports in this vibrant city.

Allegiant Stadium Seating Chart

Allegiant Stadium has 4 levels of seating and a few premium sub-levels. The lower level is the 100 level, which is also where the club seats are in the sections around midfield on both sides of the field. The 200 level doesn’t go all the way around the stadium, and is closest to where the suites are located, but there are regular seats here along the endzones. The 300 and 400 levels are the upper level standard seats.

Accessible Seating at Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant has a variety of ADA seating throughout the stadium. Here’s a seat map of the accessibility options. More info can be found here.

The Best Seats at Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant, being one the newest stadiums in the NFL, hardy has a bad seat in the house. It’s hard to pick a best seat, because the architects really learned from other stadiums to create a variety of good options on all the different levels. Subtle decisions like raising all the seats means that you’re not straining to look over players’ heads, and even the highest seat numbers come with good views.

Lower Level Seats

Section 143

The best lower level seats that aren’t club seats are going to be sideline seats. Endzone seats on any level are dicey, with great views and action when play is on your end of the field, but difficulty seeing when play is on the other end of the field. Endzone seats on the 100 level would be what we consider bad seats in Allegiant, though they still aren’t nearly as bad as many other stadiums.

The 100 level corner seats, which bridge the sideline and the endzone, are better at Allegiant Stadium than in many older stadiums and don’t have many obstructions, while offering better sightlines down the field than the endzone seats. These corner sections are going to be a good value for those wanting to be on the lower level but paying closer to upper level prices.

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The Black Hole – Best Seats to be Rowdy

Die-hard Raiders fans looking for a boisterous game day should look at the Black Hole. Unofficially called “the most notorious fans in football,” The Black Hole is both a membership group and a cheering section where fans wear Raiders gear or costumes and plan to be loud and proud. The Black Hole occupies seats in sections 121-125 along the south end zone. There aren’t any specific seats or rows, but the closer you are to the field, the more likely you are to be swept into The Black Hole. 

Mid Level Seats – 200 Level

Looking down onto the 200 level, section 247

There aren’t many 200 level seats that aren’t suites, but you will find them along the endzones and corners on both ends of the stadium. These are more affordable seats than the 100 level, but not as desirable as the sideline seats on the 300 level. 

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Upper Level Seats – 300 and 400 Levels

The upper level seats – specifically the front rows of the 300 section in sections 336-340 on the Raiders side and sections 310-314 on the visitors side – are the best mix of views and value. The average ticket price here may even be higher than the further back rows in the 100 level, because your sightlines are great and the elevation actually makes it easier to see than being further back at a lower level.

The 300 and 400 levels don’t encircle the stadium entirely. Along the north end zone, there is an open plaza called the Coors Light Landing, where the giant Al Davis Memorial Torch is found. You can view the game passing by here, but there are no seats – there is a large bar, though, and great views of the Las Vegas strip!

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Premium Seating Options at Allegiant Stadium


Club Seats

Club seats at Allegiant Stadium are the best premium seats at Allegiant Stadium on a mid-tier budget. They are the perfect mix of upscale but approachable. You can buy them on resale marketplaces, unlike most other premium options here. Club seats are in sections C131-C137 on the Raiders side and sections C109-C115 on the visitors side. The best places to sit are going to be C111, C113, C133, and C135, which are nearest midfield but not in the VIP clubs.

What Do You Get with Club Seats at Allegiant Stadium?

Visitors in club seats get:

  • Access to the Modelo Cantina Club (on the visitors side) and the Twitch Lounge (on the Raiders side)
  • large padded seats
  • in-seat food service (Raiders games only) through the Raiders mobile app with premium concessions
  • seats within the first 40 rows of the field

What are the private club lounges like? Both Modelo Cantina Club and Twitch Lounge have premium food and beverages (for purchase), private restrooms, comfortable seating and dining areas, and areas to congregate with friends in addition to being able to watch the game.

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VIP Clubs – Credit One Bank Club

Visitors in section VIP 112 on the visitor side have access to the Credit One Bank Club, which, along with the Champions Club, make up one of the most exclusive experiences at Allegiant Stadium. These are your special occasion tickets, with club entry getting you all-inclusive buffet food and beverages and – even cooler – direct access to the field. The Credit One Bank Club is on the 50-yard line, so you really can’t get a more in-the-action location than taking in the game from the field patio itself.

VIP club members also get a dedicated VIP entry and drop off / pick up area and access to the Modelo Cantina Club and Twitch Lounge, as with all club level seats. These clubs get you stadium access 3 hours before the game kicks off and up to 1 hour after the game ends.

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VIP Clubs – Champions Club

The Raiders side VVIP club is called the Champions Club and is located in section VIP 134. It is very similar to the Credit One Bank Club, with equivalent amenities and similar easy access to the field.

Club Suites

Club Suites are located on the 100 level of the stadium and live inside the Modelo Cantina Club and Twitch Lounge. The newly created sideline suite, as they are also called, are 16 suites that make use of underutilized space in the Modelo Cantina Club and Twitch Lounge. Now, there are 8 suites on the east (visitors side) and 8 on the west (home side). These luxury suites come in 2 sizes, with 12 suites that can hold 16 people and just 4 suites holding 32 people. They are numbered E1001-E1008 on the east and W1015-W1022 on the west.

The Club Suites are unique in that they are on the 100 level, making them closer to the field than typical suites and making it easier to interact with other fans. The 100 level seats are just below the Club Suites. Visitors in these club seats have exclusive access to the Modelo Cantina Club as well as the Twitch Lounge, and they have access to the suite-level bar area on the 200 level. In addition, those in a premium suite like this have a dedicated suite attendant and food and beverage options that are only available in that area. 

When I say “food and beverage,” I’m not meaning your normal stadium food. In true Las Vegas style, Raiders fans in Club Suites get things like a sushi box on smoking dry ice that is flown in daily from Japan. It’s a whole new culinary experience there on the suite level.

Traditional Suites

The traditional suites are also located on the 200 level of Allegiant Stadium and hold up to 22 guests per suite. They offer comfortable, padded seating in an outside balcony, and indoor lounge space with a bar, kitchenette, and in-suite restroom. 

Owners Club Suites

Owners Club Suites at Allegiant Stadium are located on the 150 Level along both sidelines and hold 16-20 guests per suite. Ticket holders in these suites enjoy early access and VIP entrances into the stadium and use of the 200 Level Clubs. Food, beverages, and alcohol are served to suite guests in the exclusive Owners Club Lounge. 

The vibe in the Owners Club Suites is sleek, minimal, and modern. Each Owners Club suite includes in-suite restrooms, bar area, kitchenette, plush stadium seats, and great views – I love that Allegiant has put the suites lower down than in many older stadiums. 

Premium Loge Seating

Loge seats at Allegiant Stadium

Loge boxes are a great premium seating option for groups of 4 people wanting to take in Las Vegas Raiders games in style – without spending a fortune on a full suite. Loge seats are on the 200 level and offer padded armchair-style seats in groups of 4, along with a TV you can privately control at your seats and tons of armchair space. In addition to the super comfortable seating, loge visitors have access to the club sections on the 200 level as well as private entrances and all-inclusive food and beverages with in-seat service. Loge seats are only available for purchase through the stadium, and many are leased for the entire season.

Loge level seats are split into east and west, with east loge level taking up the 24 boxes directly underneath the traditional suites on the visitors side. The west loge level is the 20 suites directly under the traditional suites (and above the owners club suites) on the home team side.

Wynn Field Club

If you’ve been wishing for a nightclub experience while watching a live game or concert, the Wynn Field Club is for you. The Wynn Field Club is an almost-11,000 square foot space taking up the entire field level behind the north end zone. In the club are 29 booths, and they also sell standing room only tickets. The Wynn Field Club can hold a total of 719 guests. Visitors enjoy all the perks of an upscale nightclub – think bottle service, 2 DJs, 4 bars, premium food and beverage options, a private expedited entrance to the stadium, private restrooms, and 42 TVs. Football fans looking for a party will want to be here, although the seat views here leave a lot to be desired…it’s difficult to see the other end of the stadium, and some views will be blocked by the uprights.

However, most guests who choose the Wynn Field Club are there more for the overall experience than for following every play. Talk about a unique experience you can only find in Las Vegas! The Field Club is not open for all UNLV games, so check your carefully if you’re set on experiencing a game this way.

Best Seats at Allegiant Stadium for a Concert

Allegiant Stadium is not just home to football. It is also host to major events like the 2024 Super Bowl pitting the San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs and superstar concerts like Beyonce, Garth Brooks, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift. 

Allegiant Stadium was built not just for football but also for live events and concerts. Concerts typically set up with the stage along the south end zone (opposite side from the Wynn Field Club). If you prefer to avoid floor seats, your best seats are typically going to be in section C115 or C131, the same section on opposite sides of the stadium. These sections are the sweet spot between not watching the concert from the side but also not being too far away to really see anything. If you’re interested in a VIP concert experience, the Champions Club and Credit One Bank Club access with sections VVIP112 and VVIP134 are the perfect mix of luxury amenities and still a really good section to watch a concert from.

The stages usually go from section 118 to 128, so 117 or 129 are going to be the closest to the stage that you should consider, and these will still be mostly watching from the side.

Getting to Allegiant Stadium

Getting to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is a breeze, thanks to a variety of convenient transportation options:

  1. Personal Vehicles: If you prefer to drive, Allegiant Stadium offers ample parking spaces for cars. There is no oversize parking available. There are several onsite parking lots as well as 4 overflow lots controlled by Allegiant across Polaris Ave from the stadium.
  2. Rideshare Services: Popular rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft operate in Las Vegas, providing a convenient and flexible transportation option. There are designated drop-off and pick-up zones in Lot N at 5285 Dean Martin Dr near the stadium to ensure a smooth experience. You can also take rideshare to the Luxor or Mandalay Bay and then walk across the Hacienda Bridge, which is closed to vehicular traffic on game days.
  3. Public Transit: The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) operates several bus routes that stop near Allegiant Stadium, allowing you to reach the venue affordably and efficiently. Additionally, the Las Vegas Monorail has a station nearby, providing quick access for those staying along the Strip.
  4. Walking: If you’re staying in one of the many hotels along the Las Vegas Strip, you can easily walk to the stadium, as it’s within walking distance for many. Las Vegas Blvd is less than 1 mile from the stadium, and the walking path gets shut down to vehicles on Raiders game days to allow for safe traffic for pedestrians. The Hacienda Bridge also gets shut down on these days and there are traffic attendants directing people so it’s easy to navigate on foot as long as you can walk a mile comfortably.
  5. Biking: For eco-conscious visitors, you can also consider biking to the stadium. Some hotels offer bike rental services, and Las Vegas has a growing network of bike lanes and paths.

Walking to Allegiant Stadium

This map shows the one-way walking path from the Las Vegas Strip at the top of the map over the bridge and to the stadium.

Parking at Allegiant Stadium

Parking lots at Allegiant Stadium open 4 hours before Raiders and UNLV football games. Opening times may be different for concerts and other events. Cars are permitted to start lining up for access to the parking lots 1 hour before the lots open, and visitors must use the designated entrance for the lot where their parking is assigned (if you try to use another entrance, they will make you turn around and go to the correct lot). Cars will be directed by attendants on which space to park in, so it does pay to plan ahead if you want a super close spot.

Visitors wanting to park onsite should buy parking passes ahead of time. Allegiant sells their passes through SpotHero, and you can also get resale tickets through Ticketmaster and StubHub.

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Wrap Up

Whether you’re taking in the Las Vegas Raiders, the UNLV Rebels, a concert, or one of the other various events hosted at Allegiant Stadium, this new, state-of-the-art stadium is sure to impress. We hope this detailed info helps you find the best seats at Allegiant Stadium for all your upcoming events!

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