A Night at the Circus: Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP Experience Review

One of the things I missed most during the pandemic was live entertainment, and I cheered the return of shows like Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil visited Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA, showing Alegria. Meaning “happiness” in Spanish, it is the perfect theme for a revival of live events.

We were there to experience Cirque’s VIP offering. With tickets starting around $300, you are going to be paying up for this one, but we did see several families and groups on our night. Expensive or no, the demand is there.

Though Alegria is no longer showing in the Northwest, take a look at all the Cirque du Soleil options around the country and find the show that’s right for you.

The first thing to know about Cirque du Soleil VIP experiences is that they are really only available at the “Big Top” venues, which have the space for a separate VIP space. The stadium shows have a much more scaled-down version of VIP, and some don’t offer it at all. If you do take in a show with VIP options, here’s what you need to know.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP Parking

VIP ticket holders with Cirque du Soleil Alegria get free parking. At our event, it was a separate lot right at the entrance for VIP and disabled placard holders. We arrived after the main doors had opened and were ushered into the line with all the other cars and asked to pay for parking. There was some confusion about our tickets, but once that was sorted out, we were directed to the correct lot.

The close spots were a definite perk, though it was still quite congested when the show let out.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP building

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP Entrance

There was a separate VIP entrance tent for scanning tickets and going through security. Security included looking through my bag (no clear bags or size requirements, which was nice) and getting a scan with a wand. The process took only a few seconds and there was no line. Then it was on to the VIP area.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP Experience Review

The VIP area in Seattle is a temporary trailer that feels like it was plopped down in a parking lot. The first impression leaves a bit to be desired, but the experience inside is completely different.

There are two food stations, one on either end of the building, and a complimentary bar in the middle. Half of the space was set up with low couches and tables, but there was not enough seating for all the VIPs, and many people, my group included, were standing and searching for ways to balance food and drinks at the same time.

The tables were bussed regularly, with staff coming to collect the empty plates and glasses, but it still felt like we could have used double the space.

There is an outdoor deck area with outdoor heaters to catch some of the overflow, but on a chilly night in early March, it wasn’t a totally pleasant place to be. Besides, it was on the way to the VIP bathrooms, so that always gets a little awkward!

Crispy poppadum with tofu, my favorite dish of the evening

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP Food and Drinks

There were five or so individually plated hors devours on offer, including a Thai chicken satay with peanut sauce, snow crab sushi, cheese plate, beet carpaccio, beef bitterballen, and poppadum with a tofu salad. My favorites were the poppadum and the bitterballen.

Food was offered from 7 pm to 8 pm, and while I didn’t get to try every dish, what I did try was tasty and enough for a meal, though I had not really intended on it being dinner.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP open bar

There was a selection of wines, beer, soft drinks, and water, and our group had no trouble finding something for everyone. VIPs are allowed to take a drink into the show, provided that they pour the contents of their glasses into plastic cups before exiting the VIP trailer.

There were prefilled glasses of sparkling wine in plastic flutes ready to pick up as you exited, which was a nice touch.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP dessert station

During intermission, the food station had changed over to dessert. While the dessert was tasty, there was hardly enough time to eat one small offering, much less try different ones. With only 20 minutes of intermission, and time required to get from your seat to the VIP area, it felt rushed to pick a dessert, get a drink, enjoy your food, and be back in your seat on time.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP entrance, complete with free popcorn

On the way into the theater from the VIP area, there was a popcorn machine with free popcorn for VIPs. Maybe that’s why I felt so full? Hmmm smart thinking on their part 🙂

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP Seats

I’m not going to lie, the seats in the tent are tight, and you’re going to be very friendly with your neighbors. The VIP tickets are in the best viewing area of the tent, though a friend who sat at the back of a different show said she also had a good view, so I don’t think the seat location matters all that much, honestly. It’s a small tent, smaller than I was expecting, so everyone really can see well.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria – The Show

I loved the performance. I haven’t seen many Cirque shows in the past, but this one blew me away! From gymnastics to fire eating to acrobatics to theater, the show kept me entertained, amazed, and impressed. I sat there the whole time thinking how hard it must be to create an entire world that you transport your audience to, and make it feel effortless and full of wonder at the same time. Truly a wonderful job by the performers and designers of the show.

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP swag bag

Cirque du Soleil Alegria VIP Swag Bag

When returning from intermission, VIPs were handed a swag bag to take back into the tent with us. The bag itself is a thin synthetic material, good for keeping in the car for grocery runs and the like. Inside is a commemorative program, which explains the acts and the story behind the show. It felt like a miss, as this information would have been much more useful before the show began. On top of that, it feels like a waste of paper, as I don’t expect that I will ever look at it again.

Finally, there is a Cirque du Soleil Alegria branded beach towel, which…again feels like a bit of a miss. These days, I’m looking for digital souvenirs, not physical ones. Photo stations where you can be immersed and hands-free, a la Color Factory, or meet and greets with the performers, backstage tours, or things like that would be more appreciated perks and memories for VIPs over a swag bag.

Do I Recommend the VIP Experience at Cirque du Soleil Alegria?

For sure, I do. The food and drinks were good, the service was attentive, the seats were front and center, parking was close, bathrooms were exclusive, and the lines for everything were short. It’s hard to ask for more than that from a VIP experience, and Cirque du Soleil delivered. It was a wonderful night with friends and a very fun few hours being whisked away into fantasy and ultimately, happiness.

Grab tickets to a Cirque show near you!

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