Best Seats at Lumen Field – Seattle Seahawks Stadium

If you’re a 12th man (or woman!), you need the best seats at Lumen Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks. Formerly known as CenturyLink Field, the Seattle Seahawks stadium in downtown Seattle offers a variety of seating options for fans on any budget. In 2023, they even got an exclusive, all-inclusive experience called the Tunnel Club, their answer to premium club options at the Mariners like the Diamond Club and the Press Club.

The best seats for the Seahawks depends a lot on what you value. I’m excited to be a season ticket holder, and I picked the charter seats in section 312 because they hang over the club level seats, giving them a great seat view, but yet you are high enough to take in all the action and have no trouble seeing over the players onto the field. Read on for more about all the seating options at Lumen Field and how to get your tickets. I sell our tickets when we can’t attend gameschat with me on WhatsApp and grab your game.

A Primer on Lumen Field

The Seahawks stadium joined the ranks of NFL stadiums in 2004 as Qwest Field, a name it kept for seven seasons. In 2011, it was renamed to CenturyLink Field, as it was known until 2020. CenturyLink still owns the naming rights to the stadium, but after a company rebranding, opted to rename the stadium after one of its entities, Lumen Technologies. 

Lumen Field is the not only the home of the Seahawks. As a multi-purpose stadium, it plays host to our MLS team the Seattle Sounders FC as well as the OL Reign, the National Women’s Soccer League professional team, and the XFL team Seattle Sea Dragons. In 2026, Lumen will be one of the stadiums for the soccer World Cup. It takes pride in being called the loudest stadium in the National Football League, and the crowd noise can be considerable. Visitors with sensitivity to loud noises should bring noise-canceling headphones. If you’re taking kids, grab this set of kids noise-canceling headphones to protect their little ears.

Lumen Field is located next door to T-Mobile Park, home of the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Both stadiums sit in the SODO district of Seattle, near the waterfront and gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains. There’s nothing quite so quintessentially Pacific Northwest as seeing one of our iconic green and white ferries chugging into the bay against the backdrop of the Olympics. A glance to the south on a clear day may even reveal Mount Rainier, seen juxtaposed against the industrialization of the port of Seattle.

Lumen Field is an open stadium, despite Seattle’s notoriously rainy weather. It does not have a retractable roof, though the open-air design does provide cover for 70% of the seats. The lower level seats are most exposed, while the club seats, suite level, and upper level seats are fully covered except for the upper level seats on the corners. More on which seats are covered at Lumen Field below.

Lumen boasts a seating capacity of 68,740, making home games a wild experience for fans. There’s something for everyone in the stadium, from a sensory room to the Lumen Field pro shop to great food and drinks.

Best Views for Seahawks Games

There is a nice hack for seats with great views, that get you close to the action but without paying super premium prices. Look for tickets in the Charter Seats upper section. These are CHR or CSL sections 332-338 on the Seahawks side and CHR or CSL sections 306-312 on the visitors side. These sections have 6 rows of seats that cantilever over the club seats below, giving them a closer-than-expected view of the stadium in the middle of the stadium. They are great seats that combine value (because you’re in the upper level) with solid views.

Charter Seats are essentially real estate – season ticket holders own the seats and can put a customized nameplate on them. After you buy the charter license, you still have to buy the season tickets. Buying the charter license gives you the right to buy the season tickets. It’s a one-time fee and can be resold to another buyer, just like real estate.

There is a lower section of Charter Seats as well, sections 106-112 on the visitors side and sections 132-138. These are great seats in the middle of the stadium and located in the first 30 rows.

Lumen Field Seating Chart

Here is a seating chart for Seattle Seahawks tickets, including section numbers. 

Which Seats are Covered at Lumen Field?

The majority of the seats in Lumen Field are protected from the elements, but not all. This information is weather and wind speed/direction contingent. Generally, the east side (the visitors side) is known as the “sunny side”, and in addition, will be more exposed to the elements. 

  • Field/Main Level Cover: Cover begins at Rows Z-AA of the 100 level sideline seats
  • North End Zone and Hawks Nest: No covered seating
  • South End Zone: Cover only in last two rows, QQ and PP
  • Delta Sky360 Club Level: All seating covered
  • Suite Level: All seating covered
  • Upper Level: Sideline-covered*; Corners-no covered seating

* East side, rows A-D may be exposed to elements based on wind speed

Best Premium Seating Options at Lumen Field

Delta Sky360 Club

The main premium seating option at a Seahawks game is the Delta Sky360 Club, which offers premium food and beverages (for a fee), padded club seats, and private restrooms for club members. There is an indoor area where you can eat and watch the game, or take food out to your seats. 

You can use the VIP entrances with club tickets, and you get early access 3 hours before kickoff. Take advantage of that time to gobble up some Din Tai Fung, Ballard Pizza, or John Howie restaurant favorites. The balance of perks and accessibility make the Delta Sky 360 Club tickets held up as some of the best seats for the Seahawks.


Lumen Field offers suites for the season or for a single game. There are 6 different suite types – some are available for a single game, some for the season, and some are available for either a single game or the season.

The full-season suites are the Touchdown Suites and the Press Box Suites. The single game suites are the Club Terrace Suites. The following private suites are available either for a single game or by the season: Red Zone Suites, Luxury Suites, and Premium Suites.

Suites hold 12-36 people, and come with suite attendants to keep things clean and refresh the food and drinks, as well as private restrooms. Visitors in suites also have access to the Delta Sky 360 club and receive reserved parking (number of parking spots varies by suite type). Food and beverages are included in the suite rental, except for the Club Terrace Suites, where you receive a food and beverage credit for use during your game. The Club Terrace Suites are also the only suites that do not have an indoor seating option.

Some suites are located inside the Delta Sky360 Club on the club level, and others are located on the suite level. The Red Zone suites are located on the field level.

​Full-season suite owners also benefit from getting early and preferred access to other Lumen Field events like concerts.

Toyota Reserve Club

The Toyota Reserve Club is a VIP experience at Lumen Field sold only by the season and widely considered to be some of the best seats at Lumen Field. Located on the club level, the Toyota Reserve Club is an indoor/outdoor club experience offering all-inclusive food and beverages and wide, comfortable padded seats. There are just 90 seats in the Toyota Reserve Club, so it’s an intimate, premium viewing experience. Reserve Club members get early access (3 hours before kickoff) and vip parking passes.

Field Seats

Field Seats offer just what they sound like – a chance to sit as close to the field as possible. You are down at field level, sitting behind the goalposts in padded, fold-down seats. Field Seats come with all-inclusive in-seat concessions and special perks like visits from Blitz, the Seahawks mascot, and a chance to meet Taima, the live hawk who serves as one of the Seahawks official mascots.

To get Field Seats, you can reserve directly through the Seahawks, or you can find tickets for sale or resale on Ticketmaster. Field Seats are harder to find on reseller marketplaces like StubHub and SeatGeek but they can be found if you stay patient.

Field Seats are in these sections:

  • Sections 131 and 139, on both 5-15 yard lines on the Seahawks side (12 seats each)
  • Sections 119-125, on the south endzone (48 seats total)
  • Section 113, on the 15 yard line on the visitors side (2 rows of 12 seats each)
  • Section FLDNE, on the 10 yard line of the visitors side (back row of 16 seats, front row of 20 seats)

Though they offer the best seats if you want to be close to the action, it can be hard to see the game at times because you are so low to the ground that your view can be partially blocked by players and staff. However, if you like being right in the game, there are no better seats for feeling like you are in the game yourself.

Brand-New VIP Tunnel Club

A rendering of the brand-new Seattle Seahawks Tunnel Club

The Tunnel Club is a brand-new experience for 2023, allowing visitors access to a private club offering all inclusive food and drinks, as well as the ability to see the Seahawks as they enter and exit the stadium via the tunnel. Season ticket add-ons sold out immediately for the Tunnel Club, but a limited number of single-game tickets are available. They are selling out quickly, and only 3 regular season games have availability. Tickets to the Tunnel Club sell as a pair, and offer 2 visitors access to premium alcohol, unlimited food, special guest appearances, and an exclusive view of the Seahawks going in and out of the tunnel to the field.

Tickets for pre-season games started at $400/person, with prices topping out at $875/person on Thanksgiving. Keep in mind that the Tunnel Club is merely an add-on to your regular game ticket, and all visitors must also have a seat number where they will watch the game. The Tunnel Club is only open before the game and during halftime. 

Check-In Begins: 3 hours before kickoff and again at the 2-minute warning of the 2nd quarter
Tunnel Club Access Begins: 3 hours before kickoff and again during halftime
Check-In Ends: At kickoff
Check-In Location: Check in directly at the Tunnel Club entrance. The Tunnel Club entrance is located on the West Field Plaza near section 130, in the SW corner near the Press Entrance

  • All guests must check in to receive Tunnel Club passes
  • Must be in neutral or Seahawks attire.
  • Must have valid ticket to the game
  • Re-opens for halftime at 2-minute warning and closes 5 minutes after halftime ends

Where Visitors Should Sit at the Seahawks Stadium

Fans of visiting football teams will want to sit on the visitors side of the stadium, which is the east side. On the lower level, that is Section 104-114. On the mid level, that is 204-214, and on the upper level, you are looking for 304-314. Of course, plenty of home team fans also sit on this side, but you will find visiting team fans to be clustered on this side of the stadium.

Lumen Field Experiences

Toyota Fan Deck

Where is the Toyota Fan Deck?

The Toyota Fan Deck is located in the South Endzone at Lumen Field, in the upper section between sections 320 and 324. Only Seattle Seahawks fans with tickets in sections 320 and 324 can access the Toyota Fan Deck, which they get via a wristband provided to visitors in their section.

The Toyota Fan Deck features 1,000 seats, exclusive gathering areas, and a dedicated platform for the 12 Flag raising ceremony. Toyota Fan Deck ticket holders will have exclusive access to the following amenities:

  • Padded Seats
  • Access to the Toyota Fan Deck Terrace & BBQ Plaza (requires wristband, can be picked up on gameday at each Toyota Fan Deck seating section)
  • Televisions showing Seahawks game and NFL RedZone
  • 8 foot fireplace
  • Two exclusive beverage stations offering craft beer, soda, wine and water
  • Delicious food provided for purchase by local vendors

Hawk’s Nest

The Hawk’s Nest is Lumen Field’s bleacher seating, located in the north endzone in sections 146, 147, 149, and 150. Rows A-J of those sections have regular seats with backs and armrests, while rows K through UU are bleacher seats with no backs. Seats in the Hawk’s Nest are high-energy and rowdy, but also cheap, so they can be the perfect seats for 12s looking for a good deal and a good time.

Family Section

Section 100, on the northeast corner of the stadium, has the upper portion designated as a family section, where alcohol is not allowed. Check out rows K to CC if you prefer not to be surrounded by revelers. PS – have you wondered what the double-lettered rows mean? Those are just rows 27 and higher in a section, after all the letters of the alphabet have been used up. Sticking with letters means that there isn’t any confusion between rows and seat numbers.

How to Get Seahawks Tickets

There are several ways to get single game tickets for the Seahawks. Ticketmaster is the official ticket vendor for Seahawks games, and season ticket holders can resell their tickets through Ticketmaster. You can also find tickets for resale on StubHub, SeatGeek, or other ticket marketplaces. The easiest way to manage your tickets once you receive them is via the Seahawks mobile app, which gets you mobile ticket access as well as shares useful information about the team, the stadium, and game-day policies.

I have 2 tickets in Charter Seats 312, row A (first row!), seats 19 and 20. I sell them occasionally when we can’t attend games. Contact me at hello at wanderlux dot com or by WhatsApp if you’re interested in grabbing your pair directly and skip the marketplace fees!

Lumen Field Entrances

The 6 main entrances for Lumen Field are the following:

  • North gate
  • South gate
  • West gate
  • Northeast gate
  • Northwest gate
  • Southwest gate

Your ticket will actually tell you which entrance to use printed right on it, which is super helpful. For instance, my seats in CHR312 say “south gate entry” on them so I can easily find the right entrance.

Then you have 3 VIP entrances and the Touchdown City entrance (TDC entrance).

North Gate

North Gate is the largest of the Lumen Field gates, providing the main entry point for the stadium. It is the closest gate to the North Lot parking lot, and is closest to the north endzone. The North Gate opens onto Muckleshoot Plaza, where you will often see the Blue Thunder Drumline performing before games. You will also find vendors, radio stations, and others set up in the plaza leading up to games.

South Gate

The South Gate is located on the south side of the stadium, near the WAMU theater ticket office. 

West Gate

The West Gate is a gate located to the right of the Seahawks ticket office and to the left of the pro shop on Occidental Ave S.

Northeast Gate

The Northeast Gate is on the northeast corner of the stadium near 4th Ave S and S King St.

Northwest Gate

The Northwest Gate is located on the western edge of Muckleshoot Plaza, near the northwest box office. It is toward Occidental Ave S.

Southwest Gate

The Southwest Gate is located on Occidental Ave S to the right of the pro shop.

Northwest VIP Gate

The Northwest VIP Gate is located adjacent to the Northwest Gate with the vip entrance just past the gates.

Northeast VIP Gate

The Northeast VIP Gate is located adjacent to the Northeast Gate.

Southwest VIP Gate

The Southwest VIP Gate is actually located to the west of the South Gate, not directly adjacent to the normal Southwest Gate. Head toward the TDC Gate to find it.

TDC Gate

The TDC Gate is located on the south side of the stadium and provides entrance to Touchdown City, a festival of sorts happening 3 hours before each Seattle Seahawks game. 

Where to Park at Lumen Field

There are plenty of parking options at Lumen Field. Parking tickets can be purchased for any game on StubHub, but you will want to pick a parking space near your seats.

Lumen Field Parking Lots

Lumen Field has one parking lot (the North Lot) and one parking garage. The North Lot is a flat, open parking lot connected to the north entrance, so it is good for people sitting on the north end of the stadium. The lot opens at 6 am on game days and closes 2 hours after the game ends. You will want to buy parking ahead of time, as parking may not be available for purchase on game day. North lot parking ticket prices often look like $150 a space, whereas garage parking may go for $200 or above.

The parking garage is on the south end of the stadium, attached to the Lumen Field Event Center. The garage is good for seats on the south half of the stadium. The garage opens at 6 am on game days and closes 2 hours after the game ends.

VIP Parking Options for Seahawks Games

There sadly aren’t many vip parking passes at Seahawks games. Keep an eye out for parking at the Lumen Field garage, as it is the closest covered parking for Seahawks games. However, at the time of publication, there were only GA parking tickets for resale.

Mariners Garage at T-Mobile Park

When there are NFL games, the garage at T-Mobile Park is open for parking. This garage is located just south of Lumen Field, so it is the best garage option outside of Lumen Field. Parking for the Mariners garage can be purchased on StubHub. It’s confusingly still named “Safeco garage” in the StubHub system, despite the stadium no longer being named Safeco Field.

Link Light Rail

If you don’t want to deal with parking, there are public transportation options to consider as well. With two nearby stations – Stadium and ID/Chinatown – the Link Light Rail is a fast and easy mode of transportation whether coming/going South (including Sea-Tac Airport) or North. Please keep in mind for late-night events that all Links stop running at midnight.

Ride Sharing

The stadiums share a new central drop off and pick up point for visitors utilizing ride share apps like Uber and Lyft. The Lumen Field Rideshare passenger drop-off zone is located off the intersection of Railroad Way S. at Occidental Ave. (across from the Lumen Field Pro Shop), which can be accessed from 1st Ave. S. Drivers may drop off passengers next to the stadium prior to parking until kickoff. Similar access will be provided after every major event.

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