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The Best Seats at Dodger Stadium

The perfect seat for you? That depends a lot on personal preferences, but there are some easy guidelines to help you pick the best seat. The best seats at Dodger Stadium are in the Dugout Club, where guests paying $1000 or more per ticket enjoy all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic drinks. Seats in the first few rows behind home plate are as close as possible, and perks like in-seat service and private bathrooms make this a premium experience worth the price. The best non-premium seats are on the Loge Level, where seats combine good views with standard ballpark amenities for a price tag that is more affordable for the regular visitor.

The best value seats are rows 1-11 in the Lower Reserve, which still boast good views of the infield but from higher up. Now, on to the breakdown of which seats are best for which experiences.

Dodger Stadium Seating Chart

A Primer on Dodger Stadium

Are you a Dodger fan looking for a comprehensive guide to finding the best seats at Dodger Stadium, the iconic baseball venue nestled in the heart of Los Angeles? This magnificent stadium, which first opened its doors in 1962, has been a staple of American baseball culture for over six decades. With a seating capacity of approximately 56,000, it stands as one of the largest stadiums in Major League Baseball and offers a wide variety of seating options to suit every preference and budget.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, the proud occupants of this stadium, boast a rich and storied history. Since their establishment in 1883, they have evolved from the Brooklyn Atlantics to the world-renowned team we know today. The Dodgers’ move to Los Angeles in 1958 marked a significant milestone in the team’s history, bringing with it a new era of baseball to the West Coast. Over the years, they have garnered numerous World Series titles, making them one of the most successful teams in the league.

As you plan your visit to a Los Angeles Dodgers game, understanding the layout and seating options is crucial to enhance your experience. Whether you’re seeking the electric atmosphere near the field, a panoramic view of the game, or premium seats with in-seat waiter service, the best seats at Dodger Stadium depend on what you’re looking for. Read on as we delve into the various sections and tiers, offering insights on the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision for an unforgettable game day experience. 

Premium Seating at Dodger Stadium

If your idea of a perfect baseball game includes VIP parking, private amenities, and all-inclusive food and beverages, Dodger Stadium has several options for premium seating.

Yaamava’ Dugout Club

Formerly known as the Lexus Dugout Club, the Yaamava’ Dugout Club has some of the best views in Dodger Stadium. Dugout Club seats are located in the first 9 rows in the 6 sections just behind home plate (sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7), as well as the first 4 rows of sections 9, 11, 13, and 15 behind the Dodgers dugout and the first 3-4 rows of seats in sections 6, 8, and 10. Sections 8 and 10 include accessible seating.

Visitors to the Dugout Club enjoy larger-than-usual, cushioned seats and a clubhouse with complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages. For the most exclusive club in the stadium, it is a bit shocking that visitors have to pay for alcohol here, but you do. Dugout Club amenities also include private restrooms and in-seat wait service. Season ticket holders also get VIP parking, but if you’re buying tickets on the resale marketplaces, expect to pay for parking separately.

Dugout Club tickets include access to the indoor club itself, with lounge and dining seating and as much baseball memorabilia as you can imagine, from golden gloves to World Series trophies. There is also a small merchandise store, which is super convenient and keeps you from having to go into the main stadium area with all the throngs of people, and a grab-n-go station of drinks and snacks you pass on your way to your seats.

What is the food like at the Dugout Club? There is a ton of it, from Dodger dogs to a salad station to make your own pasta, grilled items, a meat carving station, and a huge dessert station. There are plant-based and specialty diet options, as well as the grab-and-go section of classic ballpark snacks. There is also a full bar and a soft drinks self-serve station.

Overall, the Dugout Club offers a great view of the game and offers a solid chance for celebrity sightings, but lacks some of the exclusive perks of other, newer ballparks, like a private stadium entrance (which would allow for early stadium access) and truly all-inclusive food and drinks.

Baseline Club

The bar area at the Baseline Club

One of the biggest questions when comparing premium seats at Dodger Stadium is the Dugout Club vs the Baseline Club. The Baseline Club offers similar amenities to the Dugout Club, but with some notable differences.

The actual seats in the Baseline Club are large and comfortable, with more room between the rows than in the Dugout Club, but with less padding on the seats. The Baseline Club also has a long bar-top table running in front of each row of seats for convenient eating. However, the Baseline Club is a glass walled-off area in the concourse, and your seats are a walk away, whereas the Dugout Club is a more private experience…once you enter it, you don’t leave it again until you’re ready to leave the stadium.

The food itself is a scaled-down version of the Dugout Club, and visitors stop in to the Baseline Club for a bite before the game (food and non-alcoholic drinks included). The Club itself has dining seating and a full bar, but is fairly compact, with no lounge seating. Your game seats are in a separate section, so you can take food in a to-go container from the Baseline Club to your seats, and you also have in-seat wait service if you want to order without going back to the Club (it’s a different menu though). Alcohol is available for purchase in the club. 

LA Dodgers Baseline Club Seating Chart

The seats are located on the far sides of the Dugout Club, so at the same level, but further from home plate. On the Dodgers side, Baseline Club seats are in the odd-numbered sections 27, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, and 43. On the visitors side, they are in sections 26, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, and 44. Baseline Club tickets are a step down from Dugout Club tickets in terms of exclusivity and amenities, and should be available for resale for less than Dugout Club tickets.

Bank of America Suites

Dodgers Suite Locations – Seating Chart

The Bank of America Suite level offers 20 and 30 person suites for the most private experience at Dodger Stadium. These club level seats are the largest and most comfortable in the stadium, and the indoor suite area offers a place to congregate and eat. Each of the luxury suites has a dedicated server, and visitors to suites get access to the Stadium Club in addition to the food and beverages they choose to cater in the suite.

Champions Lounge

Champions Lounge at Dodger Stadium

There are 2 Champions Lounges in Dodger Stadium. These are essentially larger suites, holding 30 and 40 people respectively. The decor and amenities are bit nicer than a typical suite, and can include a bartender. These are a great option if you are looking to entertain a large group, but they are not really relevant to the everyday visitor.

Dodgers Champions Lounge Location

Champions Lounge visitors receive entry to the Stadium Club.

Stadium Club Boxes

Stadium Club boxes at Dodger Stadium

Stadium Club boxes are located on the club level, and offer semi-private spaces for groups of 12 people. Seats come with a drink and high-top rail table for convenient in-seat eating and in-seat wait service in addition to Stadium Club access. 

Reservations are critical for the Stadium Club, as it gets super busy and seating is limited. The Stadium Club includes a buffet for purchase and a full bar for purchase.

Dodgers Stadium Club Box Seating Chart

Seats on the Field Level also sometimes have access to the Stadium Club, specifically 1FD to 25FD.


One of the most exclusive locations in Dodger Stadium is the Speakeasy, also known as Tommy’s Bar. It is a private bar available by reservation only to season ticket holders.

Field Level

Tickets in the lower bowl of Dodger Stadium are called Field-Level seats, which are going to get you closest to the action with the best view for regular tickets. Look for field level seats behind the Dugout Club in sections 1-25, where ticket prices will be lower than the club seats, but the sightlines will be similar. Seats on the Field Level are pretty exposed, with a lot of sun during day games. Rows K and higher are covered by the overhang from the Loge Level above, so if shade or weather protection is important for you, consider a row further back.

Loge Level

The second level of Dodger Stadium is the Loge Level, which hangs over the Field Level. There are both regular seats on the Loge level as well as loge boxes. Loge box seats are peppered throughout the Loge level and give you a reserved seating area, TVs, and a drink rail for convenience. If you buy out an entire loge party box, you can pre-order food and drinks for your box.

The Loge level a great standard seating option with excellent views – you are high up enough to see everything clearly, but not so high that you aren’t “in the action.” Loge level seats would be our top pick for non-premium tickets at Dodger Stadium.

Thankfully for Dodger fans, Loge box seats go from foul pole to foul pole, so there are a lot of options depending on what view you want. Closer in to home plate will allow you to see the dugouts and follow the game closely, while further out sections will give you a chance to catch a foul ball.

Loge seats are also the best option for getting covered seats at Dodger Stadium. For day games, stick with rows H and above to be in the shade. For night games, sit on the third base side for shade.

Reserve Level

The Reserve Level at Dodger Stadium is the upper deck of the stadium, and it is the largest of the sections. It has 2 sub-sections, the lower reserve and the value reserve. The first 8 rows of the lower reserve (A-H) are considered VIP seats. Rows J-V are designated MVP seats in the lower reserve. These seats are the best way to see a Dodger game on a budget – they are high enough up that they aren’t considered premium seats, but if you can get seats in sections 1-11, they are also right behind home plate and have a great view. Baseball fans in these seating areas also benefit from these seats not having Value Reserve seats above them, giving them a more spacious feel.

Sections 1-20 in the Lower Reserve are usually called Infield Reserve, as they are directly behind the infield. Further out sections are just called Lower Reserve.

Value Reserve seats have section numbers with 2 letters and start with AA.

Top Deck

Top deck at Dodger Stadium

Top deck seats are the cheap seats at Dodger Stadium, with some of the furthest out views even though you are behind home plate. The Top Deck overhangs the Lower Reserve and makes up sections 1-13 with a T behind the section number. These seats are the least protected from the sun, except for the very top 2 rows, which may get a smidge of shade from the tiny roof overhead. 

Pavilion Level

Pavilion seats are in center field and are bleacher seats, making them an affordable option for Dodger fans hoping for home runs – and with Ohtani on the team, they may become significantly more popular! Rows have a single continuous bleacher, so you won’t have an assigned seat, but the bleachers do have a back. These seats are fully in the sun for day games. Seats are split into Left Field Pavilion (odd numbered sections) and Right Field Pavilion (even numbered sections) with the display screen in the middle. Fans interested in watching the Dodger bullpen will want to sit in section 301, which is nearest to where Dodger pitchers will warm up.

How to Get to Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is located near downtown Los Angeles, and transportation can require some advance planning. There is plenty of parking available, but if you prefer to let someone else manage LA traffic, there are several means of public transportation you can take as well.

Public Transportation

Dodger Stadium Express

The Dodger Stadium Express provides free transportation for fans at two convenient locations – Union Station or the South Bay.

Union Station Service
  • The Dodger Stadium Express is free service.
  • Union Station is served by many Metro and municipal bus lines and Metro Rail’s Red, Purple and Gold lines, as well as Metrolink and Amtrak.
  • Fans boarding the Dodger Stadium Express shuttle at Union Station may do so on the Alameda Street side of the Union Station parking lot.
  • Service from Union Station begins 90 minutes before typical games, and runs for 45 minutes after the game or 20 minutes after any postgame event.
  • Service will be provided every 10 minutes prior to the start of the game and run approximately every 30 minutes throughout the game.
  • The Union Station Service has two stops – behind the pavilions (Lot G) and at the Top Deck (Lot P).
  • Parking at Union Station is $10.
South Bay Service
  • The South Bay Service is also a free service.
  • Service from the South Bay will begin two hours before game time and continue every 20 minutes thereafter until game time.
  • Fans boarding the Dodger Stadium Express in the South Bay may do so at Bay 9 of the Harbor Gateway Transit Center.
  • South Bay Service patrons will be dropped off behind the pavilions at Lot I.
  • Return service begins with buses leaving at the end of the 7th inning and continues for 45 minutes after the end of the game or 20 minutes after any postgame event.

Ride Sharing

Uber, the preferred ride of the Dodgers, will be allowed to enter any autogate to drop off. All other car services will be permitted at Sunset Gate A for drop off in Lot 11.

After the game, Uber and car service vehicles will be permitted to enter the stadium via Sunset Gate A to pick up passengers in Lot 11.

Parking at Dodger Stadium

Parking map of Dodger Stadium

There are several tiers of parking spaces at Dodger Stadium. General parking passes cost $27 in advance or $30 once gates open (cash not accepted), or you can buy parking passes through the secondary market. 

A cheaper option is exterior parking, where Dodger fans can park for only $5 in exterior parking lots 13 and 14. These are first-come, first-serve lots offsite on Stadium Way, and they require an uphill walk of about 15 minutes from the lots to the stadium. 

Preferred parking is available from $50 and up, or $60 and up at the gate. Oversize vehicle parking passes are available for the same pricing. Oversize vehicles park in lot 12.

How Early Should You Get to a Dodgers Game?

Parking gates open approximately 2.5 hours prior to the start of the game. Stadium gates open approximately 2 hours prior to the first pitch. Tailgating is not allowed, so there’s no need to arrive any earlier than when the stadium gates open. By capacity, Dodger Stadium is about to become the largest stadium in the MLB, so arriving early is crucial if you don’t want to miss anything. Except lines waiting for the gates to open, and be prepared to join 56,000 other Dodger fans looking to settle in, get food and drinks, and maybe even watch batting practice. We do not recommend arriving any later than 1 hour before first pitch.

Wrap Up

The best seats at Dodger Stadium of course depend on your budget and your expectations, but most visitors will want to grab seats in the Loge Level or the Lower Reserve if possible. Visiting team fans will want to stick to even-numbered sections, which are where the visitors dugout is on the first base side. Luxury and VIP visitors should grab seats in the Dugout Club, or the Baseline Club if the Dugout is unavailable or out of reach. Budget-minded visitors should consider the first 10 sections of the Top Deck, or the Pavilion level if bleacher seats will do just fine.

What do you think – ready to suit up in Dodger Blue and take on a game?

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