Mariners Diamond Club Review: T-Mobile Park Luxury

If you’re a Seattle Mariners fan and like being right in the action, there’s no better seat at T-Mobile Park than the Diamond Club. Long considered the most exclusive seats in the ballpark, the Diamond Club is getting a run for its money these days with the brand new Press Club, but it is no less prestigious for the new competition.

After undergoing a major renovation in the off-season, the Diamond Club is sleek, stylish, comfortable, and luxurious. For posterity, here’s a photo from 2018 in the Diamond Club – read on for more pictures of how gorgeous the space looks now in comparison.

Diamond Club Entrance and Parking

The Diamond Club opens 2 hours and 15 minutes before first pitch, making it and the Press Club the first sections in the stadium that open. Both clubs share a private VIP entrance near the Home Plate gate.

The closest parking for the Diamond Club is in the Mariners garage. Season ticket holders receive a VIP parking pass with their membership, but if you are just joining for one game, you can buy parking on StubHub. I routinely sell our VIP parking for less than I see posted at lots much further away, so it pays to plan ahead and grab a parking pass before your game! On less popular game days, you can buy parking at the Mariners garage when you arrive, but typically you need to have purchased your parking pass ahead of time.

If you’ve been to the clubs or suites at T-Mobile Park, you might be tempted to go up to level 5, across the skybridge, and into the stadium via the club entrance. However, this is not the fastest way to access the Diamond Club. Visitors should go down to the street level and cross the street to their private entrance next to the ticket windows on Edgar Martinez Dr. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see the Edgar Martinez statue.

To the left of the Edgar Martinez statue in this photo is a small group of people standing at the Diamond Club and Press Club private entrance

Security at the Diamond Club entrance is quick, with 2 private lanes just for Diamond and Press Club visitors. I have been to dozens of games in 2023 and have never waited more than a couple of minutes at security.

Reminder: don’t forget about the clear bag policy at T-Mobile Park! 

One of two mobile ticket scanners in the vestibule of the Diamond Club entrance at T-Mobile Park

After going through the metal detector, you enter a vestibule and scan your tickets. A short hallway takes you to the divergence point of the Diamond Club and Press Club – Diamond Club members walk down a few steps to the entrance to the Diamond Club, while Press Club members take an elevator up to their area.

You will check in at the desk for the Diamond Club much as you do at a restaurant, where the staff will assign you a table and show you to your seat. You will also receive a wristband designating your Diamond Club tickets for the day, which then allows you to move about the stadium and return without rescanning your tickets.

Diamond Club Main Space

The main lounge space in the Diamond Club is located underground. Visitors enjoy all the amenities on the lower level before stepping up to their outside stadium seats. 

The main dining area with tables and booths at the Mariners Diamond Club – the same space as in the 2018 photo above!

This is a clever way to maximize the space nearest to home plate, but it does create a sense of separation from the game when you are inside. TVs broadcast the action, but you feel closed-off from the game. For this reason, most people arrive well in advance of the game so that they can eat and drink at leisure before taking their seats.

Diamond Club Food and Drinks

Once inside, you first see a giant bar along the back wall. There are tons of seating options, including tables and booths. The Diamond Club was entirely renovated between the 2022 and 2023 seasons, so all the furnishings and finishes are brand new and beautiful. The Diamond Club and Press Club share a similar aesthetic, with warm jewel tones, gold accents, and a whiskey bar feel. 

The espresso bar in the Mariners Diamond Club

There is a huge buffet in the Diamond Club, with a make-your-own salad bar, hot dishes, a carving station, and more. Separately, there is an ice cream / dessert station and a coffee bar. 

Sunday brunch offerings

The food is supposed to be the same between the Press Club and the Diamond Club, but I’ve seen some differences week over week, mostly due to space differences. The Press Club has more prepared salads, for instance, while the Diamond Club has a make your own salad bar.

The candy wall of your dreams at the Diamond Club

Along the walls leading to the stadium seating area, assuage your sweet tooth with a massive candy wall.

The ice cream and dessert station at the Mariners Diamond Club

The menu rotates daily, and there is a huge selection to keep everyone happy. In addition to the buffet options, once at your seat, you can order drinks and light bites to be brought to you during the game.

All the food and drinks are included with your ticket price, and they don’t skimp on quality. My only complaint with the food is that there is inconsistent labeling of allergens, making it difficult to navigate a large buffet with food allergies. However, the staff is always happy to double check ingredients or prepare a dish that is safe for a visitor.

Mariners Diamond Club Seats

I personally like the seats in the Press Club better than the seats in the Diamond Club, but there is no denying the energy you get from being right in the action. The Diamond Club is made up of 4 sections, with 8 rows in each section. The sections for Diamond Club are section 25, section 27, section 33, and section 35. With up to 22 seats in a row, the Diamond Club can hold a total of 408 visitors.

Diamond Club seats are the first 8 rows behind home plate, and they put you up close with the players. You really feel like you are in the game!

Section 35, rows 3-8 of the Diamond Club

That said, there are a few things to note about the Diamond Club seats that may influence your decision on the best seats at T-Mobile Park. Diamond Club seats are in full sun unless the dome is closed for inclement weather. Plan ahead for the elements. Secondly, there is a safety net that some visitors may find bothersome to look through. Your eyes pretty easily adjust to it, but you are definitely viewing everything through the netting.

Sections 25 and 35 are nearest to the dugouts – 25 is the Mariners dugout and 35 is the visitors dugout. This can be good or bad depending on how busy you want your experience to be…you can get an up-close look at the players and their preparations, but you also have more distractions. Visitors sitting in section 35 also contend with the opening to the field being right there for the groundskeepers, salute to service members, and other non-players taking the field throughout the game. There can be a lot of people milling about the tunnel depending on what is planned for the game, and it could be distracting. 

However, this is also where the handicap seating is located, specifically row 1 of section 35. That makes row 3 a particularly good view, because there is a large separation between row 1 and row 3 and your view is not blocked at all.

The view from Section 27, row 2 in the Diamond Club

Seats in the Diamond Club are plush and comfortable, with cup holders attached to the back of the seat in front of you. Front row seats enjoy a bar-top table. Though you can’t be closer than these seats, I personally prefer the space and size of the seats in the Press Club vs the Diamond Club

Diamond Club Amenities

When you attend a game in the Mariners Diamond Club, you get a lot more than just your ticket. Visitors can shop at a small, private team store, letting you grab Mariners gear and merchandise without braving the crowds. The selection is limited but current, with changing styles and a little something for visitors of all ages.

Visitors to the Diamond Club also automatically receive any giveaways happening on the day of their game. The Mariners often offer something free for the first 10,000 eligible fans to enter the stadium, which can lead to long lines before the games. Diamond and Press Club visitors get the giveaways on their way out the door, regardless of arrival time.

I’ve already covered some of the other amenities like in-seat dining, padded seats, and early stadium access.

Diamond Club Bathrooms

The Diamond Club bathrooms are large and newly renovated. The women’s bathroom has a nursing room, which is a particularly nice touch for new moms. These bathrooms are private to the Diamond Club and easily accessible from the stadium seats.

How Much does the Diamond Club Cost?

The Diamond Club is fully sold out to season ticket holders, and there is a fierce waiting list to get a membership. However, seats in the Diamond Club are regularly available for resale on StubHub and other resellers when season ticket holders are unable to attend. Game prices vary based on schedule and opponent, but visitors should expect to pay anywhere from $400-$800 a seat for the experience. This certainly isn’t your budget ballpark experience, but it is a memorable Seattle date night activity and an awesome experience if you’re visiting the city and want to take in a game.

Are Diamond Club Seats Worth It?

Perks of Diamond Club first row: staff will sometimes slip you a foul ball! (Picture from 2018)

The price is steep, but taking in a game from the front row (or even the 8th!) with a full buffet and top shelf bar is an experience you won’t soon forget. From the friendly and helpful staff to the all-new furnishings and the conveniences exclusive to the Diamond Club, I have to say yes, Diamond Club seats are worth it if you can afford the splurge! What do you say – will you be taking in any games from the front row?

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