Seattle Mariners Press Club vs Diamond Club

Far and away, the best experience at T-Mobile Park is in the 2 VIP clubs, the well-known Diamond Club and the brand-new Press Club. This post goes in-depth on the differences between the 2 clubs, the pros and cons of the Diamond Club vs Press Club, and how to choose which one is right for you.

If you’re interested in trying out the Press Club, 2023 is the year to do it. Because it is brand new, not everyone knows about it yet. Even the reseller sites like StubHub and SeatGeek don’t know how to value the tickets yet, which is keeping prices lower than the Diamond Club despite the Press Club being a higher-end experience.

As word gets out, Press Club prices are going to rise quickly. If you’re on the fence, go for the Press Club now before prices catch up to reality, and save the Diamond Club for when prices fall in response to the Press Club.

Press Club vs Diamond Club Seats

There is no comparison between the actual seats in the two sections – the Press Club wins this match-up easily. Press Club seats are huge, spread out, and have tons of room in front of them so you’re never getting up to let neighbors in or out of your row. 

The armrests in the Press Club are about 4 inches wide, with additional space between the seat and the armrest. In the Diamond Club, armrests are about 2 inches wide and with very little space between the seat and the armrest.

Diamond Club seats have a standard amount of room front-to-back, so you’re fairly close to the row in front of you. In the Press Club, there is so much space between rows that I can’t touch the seat in front of me, even with my foot fully outstretched.

My foot can’t touch the seat in front of me in the Press Club

A final benefit to the Press Club seats is that every 2 seats shares a built-in cocktail table that doubles as a wireless charger (though the charging hasn’t been hooked up yet as of late April 2023).

Diamond Club vs Press Club View

I give the edge slightly to the Diamond Club on view, though I personally prefer the view from the Press Club. The Press Club is located on the Club level (level 3), which is close enough to see everything easily and high enough to not have anyone in your line of sight.

The Diamond Club, by contrast, is directly behind home plate. You’re right in the action, but your view is obstructed by the netting and your eye-level vantage point. While I prefer the Press Club view, historically people value the front row, so I’m giving the advantage to the Diamond Club.

Press Club vs Diamond Club Food and Drinks

The espresso bar at the Diamond Club

Both the Press Club and the Diamond Club offer huge, all-inclusive buffets and drinks. The options at the Press Club is slightly better than the Diamond Club, but the Diamond Club offers more variety, with an espresso bar and an ice cream bar. Because the Diamond Club lounge is underground, it has more physical space to play with and can offer more variety than the Press Club has room for.

The Press Club does offer one perk for season ticket holders you have to know to ask for: a liquor locker. You can purchase a bottle of your favorite spirits and the Press Club will store it for your exclusive use during games. This won’t be necessary for most visitors, but if there’s something specific you’re looking for, they can make it happen.

Diamond Club vs Press Club Comfort

Heaters above row 2 of the Press Club – perfect during chilly spring evenings

The Press Club wins on comfort, though the Diamond Club is not far behind. The Press Club offers more comfort because:

  1. Its size – The Press Club seats 210 people, while the Diamond Club seats 408 people. With fewer people, the Press Club has more space per person and more ability to spread out.
  2. Heaters and blankets – The Press Club has outdoor heaters above row 2, which is amazing for cool spring nights. They also have hand warmers and blankets available for free and will bring them to your seat
  3. Seats – The seats and space between seats are unmatched in the Press Club

Diamond Club vs Press Club Amenities

This one is a bit of a wash, with both clubs winning on different fronts, but the Press Club pulls ahead just slightly. 

The Diamond Club wins on:

  1. Bathrooms – It has nicer bathrooms and the women’s bathroom has a mother’s room. The Press Club bathroom feels like an afterthought and isn’t large enough for the number of people

The Press Club wins on:

  1. Merchandise – There is a small merchandise store within the Press Club, so you can buy Mariners gear without leaving the club
  2. Outdoor dining seats – The Diamond Club amenities are located underground, and you walk up to your seats. The Press Club offers a view from inside, as well as limited dining tables behind the 4th row, so you can enjoy the buffet while watching the game

The clubs tie on:

  1. VIP parking – Season ticket holders in both clubs enjoy VIP parking
  2. Private entrance – Both clubs share a private VIP entrance with private security screening
  3. Decor – Both clubs have a similar aesthetic, giving a whiskey bar feel with caramel leather and gold detailing

Press Club vs Diamond Club Price

I have to admit, the price comparison between Diamond Club and Press Club don’t yet make sense to me. On the resale sites, Diamond Club tickets routinely go for 10-25% more than Press Club tickets. In reality, though, the Press Club is a better overall experience, and you would expect the prices to reflect that.

I believe Press Club prices will quickly catch up as the resale sites properly classify them and update their algorithms, and as word gets out about the new club. For now, though, Press Club wins big on price.

Conclusion: Press Club vs Diamond Club

By our analysis, the Press Club wins over the Diamond Club – but it’s close! Either one is a great option for a premium experience at the Mariners. We’re partial to the Press Club – that’s where our tickets are! – but we know plenty of people who love their Diamond Club seats and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

If you’re interested in trying out the Press Club, check out my full in-depth review on the club and how to purchase tickets.

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