The Best Seats for the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Whether you’re a die-hard Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan, visiting South California on vacation, or just remember watching ‘Angels in the Outfield’ as a kid, Angel Stadium of Anaheim is a great place to watch a baseball game. 

It’s one of Major League Baseball’s oldest stadiums, with excellent facilities and a wide range of seating options to suit every budget. This guide will help you pick the best Los Angeles Angels tickets, whether you’re looking for a VIP experience, entertaining corporate guests, or to attend with friends.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim: The Basics

Angel Stadium of Anaheim has a symmetrical design, so it’s easy to find good seats. You can choose from seating options at different levels, including field level, terrace level, view level, and outfield. There’s also a range of suites, including Dugout Suites, Triple Play Suites, and Party Suites. 

Sections in Angel Stadium are numbered with three digits. The first digit refers to the level and increases as you go higher in the stadium, with seating options at five different levels:

Field Level

  • Standard seating in sections 100-113 and 123-135
  • Premium seating in sections 114-122
  • Premium Diamond Field Box seating
  • Lexus Diamond Club boxes
  • Dugout Suites

Terrace Level

  • Standard seating in sections numbered 201-213 and 221-233
  • Outfield seating in the Left Field Pavilion (sections 257-260) and Right Field Pavilion (sections 236-249)
  • Premium seating in sections 214-220
  • Don Julio Club

Club Level

  • Premium Diamond club seating in sections 301-322 and 330-351
  • Premium suites and boxes

Lower View Level 4

  • Standard seating in upper deck sections 408-429
  • Lower View Level boxes in sections 401-407 and 430-436

Upper View Level 5

  • Standard seating in upper deck sections 508-533
  • Upper View Level boxes in sections 501-507 and 534-540

The last two digits in each section number get higher as you move counterclockwise around the stadium from the left field foul pole to the right field foul pole. 

The letter in your seat number refers to the row. Row A is the first row in most sections, but some have an AA row. The final row in most sections is Row Z.

When looking at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim seating map, you’ll also notice that some sections have labels like Front Row, Hall of Fame, and MVP. This describes how far you are from the field and home plate. 

History Of The Angel Stadium of Anaheim

The Angel Stadium of Anaheim, California, has been home to the MLB’s Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim since it opened in 1966. That makes it the major leagues’ fourth-oldest stadium behind Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and Dodger Stadium. 

Between 1980 and 1994, the stadium was also home to the NFL Los Angeles Rams, but it has been a baseball-only venue since 1996, shortly after the Walt Disney Company became the majority owner. 

Although the Los Angeles Angels originally played at Los Angeles’ Wrigley Field and later moved to Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium is the venue most associated with the team. It holds around 45,000 fans for Angels games and is also known as ‘The Big A’ thanks to its massive A-shaped scoreboard topped with a giant halo.

The LA Angels might not be as famous and successful as the Los Angeles Dodgers, but the excellent facilities and friendly staff make watching a ballgame at Angel Stadium an amazing experience.

Standard Seating at The Angel Stadium

If you want to get really close to the action at the Angel Stadium at Anaheim, the best seats are the Field Level seats in the sections numbered in the 100s. Most Angels fans prefer to buy tickets for sections 110-112 on the third-base side, as these are right behind the Angels’ dugout. This side also gives you a great view of the video screen in right field.

View level seats can be found on levels 4 and 5, sections 401 to 436, and sections 501 to 540. These upper level sections have the most affordable tickets for Los Angeles Angels home games.

Outfield seats are great if you aren’t too bothered about being close to home plate. At Angel Stadium, outfield seats are available in left and right field and are great if you want to enjoy a ball game without breaking the bank. 

The Left Field Pavilion covers sections 257-260, which are located behind the bullpens. 

There are two levels of outfield seating in right field at Angel Stadium. Lower Outfield seating in sections 238 and 239 gives you the best chance of seeing a home run ball. If you’d like to try and catch one of them, sections 236-240 are your best bet, as they’re close to the field. 

The Right Field Pavilion Seats have no shading from the sun and are below the scoreboard.

Accessible Seating

Image from Accessible Travels & Vacations

Accessible seating is available throughout the stadium, including:

  • Right Field Pavilion sections 241 to 249
  • Left Field Pavilion sections 257 to 260
  • Terrace Level sections 201 to 213 and 221 to 233

Wheelchair, semi-ambulatory, and companion tickets are available. Visitors buying a ticket for an accessible seat can buy up to three companion seats alongside. If these seats are already taken, you may be offered alternative companion seats as close to the accessible seat as possible. 

There are two elevators at Angel Stadium. One is near section 101 by the left field foul pole, and the other is near section 134 by the right field foul pole. Both are available to all visitors to the ballpark, with priority given to visitors with special needs.

Two sets of escalators are located near Gate 1 and Gate 4. They run upwards from before the game starts until the 7th inning, when they switch to running downwards.  

Restricted View Seating

Angel Stadium of Anaheim is such a well-designed baseball venue that there isn’t really a bad seat in the house.

You’ll get a great view of the entire field from any section, but there are some sections where the foul pole might obstruct your view of the home plate. These include:

  • Left field foul pole: Sections 102, 201, 202, 301, 302, 401, 402, 501, 502, and 503
  • Right field foul pole: Sections 134, 232, 233, 435, 436, 538, 539, and 540

The right field pavilion may also block the view of left and center field from seats in section 135. 

Best Premium And VIP Seats For An LA Angels Game

The Angel Stadium of Anaheim offers a wide selection of premium seating and suite options, which give fans a great view of the game and access to fantastic premium facilities. 

Club level

The Club Level at Angel Stadium offers more comfortable seating and a range of premium concourse amenities. All club ticket holders can use the club lounges overlooking the Plaza Courtyard and have priority access to the Brewery X restaurant near the right-field foul line. In-seat food and beverage service is also available in sections 309-343. 

  • More comfortable seating
  • Exclusive access to the Diamond Club lounge
  • Priority access to the Brewery X bar/restaurant
  • In-seat service available in sections 309-343
  • Premier parking options

All club sections have a good view of the game from an elevated position, but sections 301- 312 and 340-351 don’t have the best views of the home plate. If this is a priority for you, sections 320-322 and 330-332 are positioned behind the home plate. They also give you a great view of the landscape beyond the stadium as an added bonus. 

Diamond Club

Diamond Club seating in rows A-W of sections 114-122 provides some of the best seating in the lower level at the Angels Stadium. This premium section has wide, padded seats placed within 20 rows of the field, so you’re close to the action, and the heightened elevation gives you an even better view of home plate. 

Diamond MVP tickets (row C) and Diamond Hall Of Fame tickets (rows D-H) include access to the Lexus Diamond Club Restaurant and in-seat wait service.

  • Extra-wide, padded seating
  • Access to the Lexus Diamond Club Restaurant for Diamond MVP and Diamond Hall Of Fame ticket holders
  • In-seat wait service
  • Preferred parking options

Semi-private boxes 

Semi-private boxes seating 4-6 guests are available at the top of Diamond Club sections 114-117. 

  • Spacious, cushioned seats with countertops for food and beverages
  • In-seat wait service
  • Access to the Lexus Diamond Club Restaurant & Lounge
  • Preferred parking options

Diamond Club Patio Tables

There are also patio tables seating 4-6 people at the top of Diamond Club sections 117-119, which include all-inclusive food and soft drinks. These seating options all give you access to the Lexus Diamond Club Restaurant and Lounge and preferred parking options.

  • Seating for 4-6 people in an exclusive table arrangement
  • Food and soft drinks included
  • Access to the Lexus Diamond Club Restaurant & Lounge
  • Preferred parking options

All of the Diamond Club sections offer a great view of the game, but sections 117-119 have the best sight lines. 

Diamond Field Box at Angel Stadium

Row AA at the front of sections 109 and 127 is known as the Diamond Field Box seating. These front row seats are right on the field, next to the Angels’ or Visitors’ dugout. They’re some of the best seats at Angel Stadium and give you a fantastic view of the players as they run on and off the field. 

A ticket in this row gives you a padded stadium chair, extra legroom, and a ledge for food and beverages. Diamond Field Box ticket holders can also access the exclusive Diamond Club Lounge behind the home plate.

  • Located on the field, next to the dugouts
  • Close to the players as they join and leave the field
  • Comfortable, padded stadium chair with additional legroom
  • Access to the Lexus Diamond Club Restaurant & Lounge
  • Preferred parking options

Choose section 109 if you want to sit next to Angel’s dugout and section 127 if you’re a visiting fan.

Don Julio Club at Angel Stadium

Ticket holders with seats in sections 216-218 enjoy great views and executive-style seating along with the premium amenities on offer in the exclusive Don Julio Club Lounge. This includes all-inclusive food, non-alcoholic beverages, and use of the club space, which is ideal for hosting clients or friends. 

These club seats might not be as prestigious as the Diamond Club seats, but they still offer a memorable VIP experience. 

  • Great views from behind home plate
  • Premium seating with countertop for food and beverages
  • Access to the exclusive Don Julio Club Lounge
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages included
  • Preferred parking options

Angel Stadium Suites

Angel Stadium has a number of luxury suites, mainly on the 300 and 400 levels, spanning the whole stretch between foul poles. Most suites include an outdoor area overlooking the field, a private furnished space indoors, and in-suite catering services. Suite branding options are also available if you want to rent a suite for corporate entertaining.

The Dugout Suites, also known as Diamond Suites, are ultra-premium seating areas directly behind home plate. With an eye-level view of home plate, less than 50 feet from the umpire and catcher, this VIP seating option is as close as you can get to the action on the field. 

That’s impressive enough, but these seats also provide a host of VIP privileges and amenities. Diamond Suite ticket holders enter the stadium through a private entrance, have access to a VIP concierge service and catered food and beverage packages, and can tour beneath the stadium stands to see the teams’ private batting cages. It’s the ultimate experience for any LA Angels fan. 

There are 10 Dugout suites, marked DS1-DS10 on the Angel Stadium of Anaheim seating chart, each with room for up to 12 guests and super-comfortable seating. Choose Suite 1 if you want to be closest to the Angel dugout or Suite 10 if you want to be next to the visiting team’s dugout. 

All these amenities are available for Angels home games but may not be offered for other events.

Guests in Legends Suites can enjoy in-suite catering and a spectacular view of home plate from the stadium’s Terrace Level. 

  • Located on the Terrace Level
  • Access to in-suite catering
Legend Suite

Club Level Suites are the traditional suites you’d expect to see at an MLB stadium. Club suites have comfortable seating, priority access to the Brewery X restaurant, and preferred parking options. In-seat service is also available in Club sections 309-343.

  • Located on the exclusive Club Level
  • Comfortable, cushioned seats
  • In-seat service available in sections 309-343
  • Priority access to the Brewery X bar and restaurant
  • Preferred parking options
Club Level Suite

If you’re entertaining a large group of guests, the Triple Play Suites are ideal for your requirements. These three interconnecting suites are located on the Club level and can host up to 54 guests if all three suites are booked. Concierge service and catered food and beverage packages are available. 

  • Located on the exclusive Club Level
  • Book 1, 2, or 3 suites to accommodate up to 54 guests
  • Elegant decor perfect for corporate entertaining
  • In-suite catering packages and concierge services available
Triple Play Suites

The Party Suites are also located on the club level of Angel Stadium of Anaheim and are ideal for entertaining large groups.  These suites have spectacular views from right or left field, and guests can enjoy in-suite catering or visit one of the exclusive Circle Bars located just outside their suite.

  • Located on the exclusive Club Level
  • Ideal for hosting large numbers for a special occasion
  • Convenient proximity to restrooms and exclusive Club Level bars 
  • In-suite catering packages services available
Party Suite

Which Is The Best Premium Seating Option At Angel Stadium?

If you want to get really close to the action, the Angel Stadium Dugout Suites offer an ultra-exclusive seating option with premium perks that any LA Angels fan would love. These include catered food and beverage packages, an exclusive tour behind the scenes, and seats less than 50 feet from the umpire.

The Diamond MVP tickets and Diamond Hall Of Fame tickets in the Diamond Club seating are the best premium seats at Angel Stadium. They offer an amazing view of the field from directly behind home plate.

Which Are The Best Value Seats At Angel Stadium Anaheim?

If you want to buy Angel Stadium tickets without breaking the bank, there are some inexpensive seating options that still give you a great view of the game. Here are the best value seats for an LA Angels game.

View Level 5 – Tight Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, the top deck seats behind home plate sections (518-523) are the most affordable seats, starting from just $10. These seats also benefit from shade from the awning, so they’re a good option for a family trip to the ball game. 

View Level 4 – Good View

Seats behind the home plate or near the baselines on Level 4 (sections 410-428) will give you a great view of the game for around $30. If you can get a seat in one of the first few rows, they’re some of the closest seats to the field. 

You can also get a good view from View Level seats behind the home team dugout (sections 409-411).

If you don’t mind being further away from home plate, seats in Lower View boxes are available from $15. 

Field View – Get The Whole Package

These tickets will cost you more, but you’ll be closer to the action. Sections 109-113 are between the home plate and third base and will cost you around $100. 

Which Are The Best Seats for Families At Angel Stadium Anaheim?

Angel Stadium of Anaheim is a great family stadium. Kids aged 3 and over will need their own seat, but there’s free admission for kids under three who sit on your lap. 

The Family Zone and picnic area are located in section 258, so it’s a good idea to book seats in sections 257-260 if you have young children who may need other distractions.

Upper deck tickets on Level 5 are good value, and there tends to be enough space there for kids to stretch their legs.

All public restrooms throughout the ballpark have baby changing stations. Family restrooms are available near Field Level sections 106 and 133 and Club Level sections 310 and 342.

Which Are The Best Seats for a Group of Friends At Angel Stadium Anaheim?

The outfield seats at left and right field are a great choice if you’re more interested in enjoying your friends’ company than being close to home plate. 

Outfield seats are available in left and right field at Angel Stadium. These are ideal for guests who want to soak up the sun and value a good deal over being close to home plate.

Sections 349-351 are close to the Brewery X bar and restaurant, making them an excellent choice for a night out with friends. The restaurant is open to all ticket holders, so you can enjoy a burger and beer while you watch the game.

The premium Diamond Club Patio Tables are also a great option for a fun night out with friends. These give you a fantastic view of the game, exclusive access to the Lexus Diamond Club Restaurant, and all-inclusive food and soft drink options.

Which Seats Are Shaded At Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

With an average of 280 sunny days per year, compared to the US average of 205 sunny days per year, Anaheim is consistently one of the sunniest cities in the US. So, if you’re planning to watch a day game with little kids or have sensitive skin, finding some shade could make the difference between a fun afternoon and leaving early. 

The third base side is the shaded side at Angel Stadium. Not all seats will be in the shade at first pitch, but most seats will be shaded for a good proportion of the game. To find sections on the third base side, look for section numbers like 103, 204, 407, and 508 ( low second and third digits), but check the seating chart to be sure. 

Sections 201-233 on the Terrace Level offer the best option for shaded seats. These are generally fully shaded, but the seats right at the front of sections 229-233 will be in the sun at the start of a 1 pm game.  

Seats in the 500 level provide a more affordable option for shaded seating, as the roof overhang covers most of these sections. The sections behind home plate and on the third base side on this level are fully shaded.  

Avoid sitting on the right field side, especially in the outfield. Sections 132-135 and 431-436 will be in direct sun for day games, and right field sections 230-249 and 535-540 are the last seats to be shaded for a night game.

Where Should Visitors Sit At The Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

Sections 124-127 and 223-225 will give out-of-town fans a good view from near the visitors’ dugout at right field. 

The best premium seat options for visiting fans include the Diamond MVP Seats (row C), and Diamond Hall Of Fame seats (rows D-H) in sections 120-122.

Where To Sit At Angel Stadium For The Best Food

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to food and drink at Angel Stadium of Anaheim!

There are plenty of food options, from gameday classics like burgers and fries to tacos, pizza, and sushi. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available throughout the venue.

You’ll find a selection of mini-restaurants in the food court near the stadium’s main entrance and another food court behind the bleachers. You’ll also find huge BBQ pits near the left and right field seating areas, where you can get things like BBQ ribs, chicken, and corn on the cob.

If you prefer not to leave your seat, a small selection of food is available for in-seat service in sections 114-122 and 309-343.

Drinks stands throughout the stadium serve a selection of domestic, international, and craft beers, and there are cocktail bars on all levels. Sections 257-260 are close to one of the stadium’s main bar areas.

Transportation And Parking At An LA Angels Home Game

Angel Stadium is easily accessible from the I-5 (Santa Ana Freeway) and the CA-57 (Orange Freeway).

Parking at Angel Stadium

The Angel Stadium parking lot opens two and a half hours before the scheduled start of the first pitch. There are three entrances to the parking lot:

  • Douglass Road
  • Orangewood Avenue
  • State College Boulevard

2024 parking prices for regular-season game days are as follows:

  • General Parking $20
  • Preferred parking $30 (subject to availability)
  • Bus/oversized vehicle Parking $100

Parking rates for post-season baseball, concerts, and other events are subject to change. 

Accessible parking at Angel Stadium is available at all six gates.

If you’re a season ticket holder with prepaid parking, you can use the Express Entry Lane on the Orangewood Avenue entrance. Drivers of buses and oversized vehicles should also use Orangewood Avenue. 

If you’re a Lexus driver, you can park in the Lexus Lot, which you’ll find west of the Home Plate Gate. The first 100 Lexus vehicles through the State College Boulevard entrance will be upgraded to premium parking nearer the stadium’s front entrance. This benefit is available on a first-come-first-served basis and can’t be pre-booked.

Arriving by Public Transportation

Angel Stadium is easily accessed by public transportation. 

The OCTA bus routes (Orange County Transportation Authority) operate on game days, providing services to Angel Stadium from locations around Anaheim.  

You can also take the Metrolink Orange County Line to the ARTIC station (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center), less than half a mile from the stadium’s Douglass Road gate.

The adult fare for a round trip is $10, and up to three kids aged 17 and under can ride free with a fee-paying adult. 

Train timings can vary, so check the Metrolink schedule before you travel. 

Ridesharing arrangements

If you’re arriving at Angel Stadium by rideshare, use the Orangewood entrance and take the Bus & VIP entrance to the parking lot.

After the game, follow the rideshare signs in the parking lot. You’ll find the rideshare pick-up zone directly in front of Gate 1, near the City National Grove of Anaheim building. 

When To Arrive For An LA Angels Game

There are six entrances to Angel Stadium: 

  • Home Plate Gate: Main entrance to the stadium, in between two big red hats
  • Gate 1: Near Field Level Section 107 on the third base side
  • Gate 2: Near Field Level Section 114 on the third base side 
  • Gate 3: Near Field Level Section 122 on the first base side
  • Gate 4: Near Field Level Section 129 on the first base side
  • Gate 6: Near Terrace Level Section 236 in right field 

Unless you’re attending a match with a 1 pm start, all gates open 90 minutes before the scheduled game time. If your match starts at 1 pm, gates open 60 minutes before the first pitch.

All entrances are fully accessible, and stadium staff can assist and direct visitors to the accessible entry door at each gate.

Gate times may change without notice.


If you want to get an autograph from your favorite Angel, six sections are open to fans from when the gates open until the end of batting practice, generally 45 minutes before the scheduled first pitch. 

These are sections 101-103 near the left field foul pole and sections 133-135 near the right field foul pole. They are open to all fans, regardless of where you are sitting.

The autograph session will end when batting practice is over, and you’ll be asked to return to your seat at that point.

Logistics at Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Contactless Entry

Angel Stadium of Anaheim uses the MLB Ballpark App for contactless entry. You can also store your digital ticket on mobile apps like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet for an Android device.

Paper tickets are also available for box office customers or fans who prefer to keep a souvenir of their visit.

Reverse ATMs

Angel Stadium is a cashless stadium, including parking lot transactions, so remember your credit or debit cards. If you need to convert cash into debit cards, you’ll find Reverse ATMs throughout the stadium. 


Tailgating is only allowed in the general parking areas (Big A, Orangewood, State College, and Douglass) and is not permitted in the preferred parking areas. Alcohol consumption in the parking lot is illegal.

The parking lot at Angel Stadium opens two and a half hours before the start of the game, and early entry for tailgating is not allowed. 

Which are The Best Seats At Angel Stadium of Anaheim?

The symmetrical design of Angel Stadium of Anaheim means you can get a great view of the game from almost every seat. 

The best seats for any Los Angeles Angels game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim are the Diamond sections located behind home plate. These tickets have a premium price tag due to the exclusive benefits they offer, but they still sell out quickly. 

The Angel Stadium Dugout Suites are the best VIP and Premium suites at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, giving you an up-close view of the action and a range of premium perks that any LA Angels fan would love. 

If you’re looking for standard seating, the infield sections 110-126 will give you a great view of the game, especially if you select the elevated rows at the back of the section (rows S-Z). If you opt for the sections in the 200s, choose a seat in row D-H, so your view isn’t disrupted by people on the walkways or the overhang at the back of the section. 

The best value tickets at Angel Stadium of Anaheim are up in the 400s and 500s sections. Sections 416-421 and 518-523 sit behind home plate and have a fantastic birds-eye view of the field. If you can get tickets in the first few rows of the upper-level sections, you’ll be very close to the field. 

But whichever seats you choose, you’re sure to love the excellent facilities and great atmosphere at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Ready to get your tickets?

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