The Best Seats for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field has been the home of the Chicago Cubs for more than one hundred years, and is known for being one of the friendliest venues in Major League Baseball. 

It was the first baseball stadium which allowed fans to keep foul balls that end up in the stands, and goes by the welcoming nickname of ‘The Friendly Confines’. 

If you’re looking forward to watching the Cubs play, picking great seats is vital. Although Wrigley Field is one of the sport’s iconic ballparks, some of its sections will leave you unable to see the field fully. 

Our guide to Wrigley Field will help you pick the best option for standard or premium Chicago Cubs tickets, so you can enjoy the Cubs game to the maximum. 

Wrigley Field: The Basics

Seating at Wrigley Field is available on six levels. Each section of the stadium has three digits, with the first digit indicating the level. Seat numbers run from right to left as you sit facing the field, with 1 being furthest to the right.

Club Level

  • Standard seating in Club Box sections 3-32
  • American Airlines 1914 Club premium seating in rows 1-7 of sections 13-22
  • Maker’s Mark Barrel Room premium seating in rows 1-7 of sections 27-29
  • W Club premium seating in rows 1-12 rows of sections 3-5 

Field Level

  • Standard seating in Field Box sections 101-134

Suite Level

  • Luxury suites licensed on a multi-game or single-game basis
  • Executive Club premium seating behind sections 106 and 107

Terrace Level

  • Terrace Level standard seating in sections 202-233

Upper Level

  • Upper Box standard seating in sections 303-314 and 319-331
  • Catalina Club premium seating in sections 315-318 
  • Upper Reserved standard seating in sections 403-415 and 420-431

Wrigley Field also has general admission Bleachers and an area for Standing Room Only. 

History Of Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field, Chicago, is one of the best-known ballparks in Major League Baseball. It’s famous beyond baseball for its iconic bleachers, ivy-covered outfield wall, and hand-turned scoreboard. 

The ballpark is home to the Chicago Cubs and is the second-oldest MLB venue. It opened as Weeghman Park in 1914, then changed name to Cubs Park in 1920 and finally settled on Wrigley Field in 1927, two years after the opening of the Los Angeles ballpark with the same name. 

The stadium also hosted the NFL Chicago Bears between 1921 and 1970 and the NFL Chicago Cardinals between 1931 and 1938. 

A major renovation and restoration of Wrigley Field, known as The 1060 Project, was completed in 2019. The stadium currently has a seating capacity of 41,649.

Standard Seating at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field has a wide choice of standard seating at the field, terrace, and upper deck levels. However, some of these sections have obstructed views, so here’s our guide to picking the best standard seats at Wrigley Field. 

Club Boxes

Club Box at Wrigley Field covers sections 3-32 and offers the closest standard seats to the field. Baseball fans will love the amazing view from fantastic locations behind home plate or the dugouts.

Choose sections 13-15 near the Cubs players’ on-deck circle or Infield sections 9-12 near the Cubs’ dugout. Sections 20-22 are near the visitors’ on-deck circle, and sections 23-26 are the best choice to be near the visiting team dugout.

A lack of shade is the main disadvantage of being so close to the field. Sitting on third base will give you shade earlier for day games, but all Club Box seats get a decent amount of sun. 

Prices start at $123 for outfield sections and $195 for Club Box Home Plate sections.

Field Boxes

Field Box seats at Wrigley Field cover the lower sections between the Club Box seats in sections 3-32 and the Terrace Level 200-numbered sections. 

Most sections have 15 rows of seats and a slightly elevated position. Tunnels can be accessed from the top and bottom of each section, so it’s easy to leave and return to your seat.  

Field Box Home Plate covers sections 112-122. These are some of the best standard seats in Wrigley Field, with a good view of the pitcher’s mound and batter’s box.

Field Box Infield overlooks the dugouts. Choose sections 109-111 if you want to be close to the Cubs’ dugout and sections 123-126 if you support the visiting team. 

Field Box Outfield covers sections 101-108 and 127-134 and is the cheapest Field Box option. They’re close to the field, but you won’t get such a good view of home plate from here. 

Field Box tickets start at $98 for outfield seats and $140 for Field Box Home Plate.

Standard Seating at Wrigley Field

Bullpen Boxes

The recently added bullpen box seats which get you close to the teams’ bullpens, but you’re a long way from home plate. Choose sections 6 and 7 for the Cubs’ bullpen or sections 30 and 31 if you’re a visiting fan.

Prices here start from $168.

Terrace Boxes

The Terrace Boxes at Wrigley cover the first 6 rows of sections 202-233. Unlike Terrace Reserved sections, these seats have unobstructed views of the field from an elevated position.

In order, the best views are from the Terrace Box Home Plate sections 213-222, Terrace Box Infield Sections 209-212 and 223-226, and finally Terrace Box Corner sections 202-205 and 230-233.

All Terrace Box seats have cover and shade except the Terrace Box Corner seats. These are the least desirable seats in this section but are still better seats than the Terrace Reserved section. 

Prices in this area start at just $52 for the Corner seats, while Terrace Box Home Plate tickets start at $99. 

Standard Seating at Wrigley Field

Terrace Reserved

Terrace Reserved is the largest seating area at Wrigley Field, covering rows 7 and higher in sections 202-233. 

The most important thing to know about this area is that nearly all seats will have their view obstructed by one of the poles supporting the upper deck. Some seats might just miss an area of the outfield, others might not be able to see the batter’s box. 

The best views will be found in rows 7-15 of sections 209-226, known as Terrace Reserved Preferred seats. 

From row 15 and higher of these sections, known as Terrace Reserved Infield, the overhang from the upper deck will severely obstruct your view. You may not be able to see fly balls or the outfield videoboards. 

Sections 202-208 and 227-233 are known as Terrace Reserved Outfield, and again, rows 7-15 offer the least obstruction. Terrace Reserved Outfield Corner seats have heavily obstructed views and are the worst seats at Wrigley Field. 

The upside is that you can find some good deals on seats in Terrace Reserved. Prices start around $49 for Corner seats, making them some of the cheapest seats at Wrigley Field. 

Upper Boxes

Upper Deck box seats are in sections 303-314 and 319-331 at the front of Wrigley Field’s upper deck. These are some of the smaller sections in the stadium, which makes leaving and returning to your seat easier. However, the steps down to your seat can be pretty steep.

Upper Box Infield sections 308-314 and 319-327 offer a fantastic elevated view of the field, which is probably comparable to sitting on the club level at other MLB ballparks. In fact, sections 315-318 were converted into the premium Catalina Club during the recent stadium renovations. 

You can pay as little as $76 for Upper Box Infield seats, which are one of the best standard seating options at Wrigley Field.

Sections 305-307 and 327-329 are known as Upper Box Midfield, and prices start at around $57. Sections 303-304 and 330-331 are known as Upper Box Outfield, and tickets here start at $53.  

Upper Reserved

The Upper Reserved section includes sections 403-431 on the highest seating tier of Wrigley Field. Sections 409-426 are known as Upper Reserved Infield and offer a better view than the Upper Reserved Outfield sections 403-408 and 427-431.

The views from all Upper Reserved sections are obstructed by roof support poles. The amount of obstruction varies, but you should assume that your seat will be affected to some degree. The exception is the first row, but that sits just above the walkway, so you will likely be distracted by passing fans instead. 

On the positive side, the roof offers excellent shade and cover from bad weather!

Prices here start from just $37 but you might think it’s worth paying a little extra for Upper Deck Box seats.

Budweiser Bleachers and Budweiser Good Sport Section

The bleachers at Wrigley Field are some of the most iconic seats in sport, with bench-style seating located behind the ground’s ivy-covered outfield wall. 

There’s a lively party atmosphere here, and this area offers the best chance of catching a home ball. The view isn’t the best, but it’s a good choice if having a good time at the game is your main priority.  

Tickets for the Budweiser Bleachers cost from $59. Bleacher seats aren’t assigned in the regular season, so turn up early to get the best spots. The front rows and aisle seats are usually the most popular, and the left field side escapes direct sun at the start of night games.

The Budweiser Good Sports Section in sections 501-502 is a good idea if you like sitting in the bleachers but want a casual vibe.

Expect long lines at the restrooms and concessions, although you’ll have a shorter wait if you head down to the lower concourse near the restroom. 

Budweiser Bleacher Gate is located at the intersection of Sheffield Avenue and Waveland Avenue, and is reserved for bleacher ticket holders.

Budweiser Patio 

The Budweiser Patio is a group seating area underneath the videoboard in right field, near the Bleachers. 

This area can be booked for groups of 50-150 guests and has plenty of standing room and three rows of bar stool seating. 

Booking the Budweiser Patio gives you access to in-seat service with all-inclusive food and beverages, including beer, wine, and soft drinks. You can upgrade your beverage options to include cocktails. 

Standing Room Only

Standing-room-only tickets are not often available for Cubs games. They’re generally only offered for sold-out weekend games or games in the postseason, and are available on the day of the game. 

These tickets are a great way to get into Wrigley Field if you’re mainly interested in the atmosphere and not so bothered about the view. SRO tickets don’t have a reserved seat, and the standing sections are on the walkway behind Terrace seats on the 200 level, where the view is pretty bad. 

You might be able to move into a position where your view isn’t obstructed by one of the pillars supporting the roof, but the overhang will still block your view of flyballs and pop-ups. 

Finding a seat in one of the bars might be your best bet, allowing you to watch the game on a big screen but still enjoy the game-day atmosphere.

Accessible Seating

Accessible seating is located throughout the ballpark in Levels 100, 200, 300, and Bleachers sections. Guests purchasing tickets for accessible seating may also purchase up to three companion seats. 

Elevators, lifts, and ramps provide access between the stadium’s levels. 

Restricted View Seating

The Standing Room Only spaces and Budweiser Bleachers at Wrigley Field have poor visibility. 

Many seats on the 200 and 400 levels have views obstructed by the supporting roof beams, and Terrace Reserved Outfield Corner seats have heavily obstructed views. 

Which Are The Best Value Seats At Wrigley Field?

Standard seating at Wrigley Field provides an affordable way to watch the Cubs play. 

Club box seating gets you as close as possible to the action without paying the premium prices associated with club membership. You don’t get access to any club amenities, but you’ll get an excellent view for $120. 

With prices starting from $140, Field Box sections 112-122 give you some of the best views at Wrigley Field from directly behind home plate. Alternatively, choose lower level seats in sections 109-111 or 123-126 to get close to the dugouts. You can pay as little as $135 for these seats.

Terrace Box seats in the first 6 rows of sections 202-233 give a great view for around $99. Avoid any other seats on this level unless you’re not worried about an obstructed view.

Upper Box Infield sections 308-314 and 319-327 is the best place for affordable seats with an elevated view that would be considered Club level at many venues. With prices starting from $76, it’s a great value option for watching the Cubs play.

Best Premium And VIP Seats For A Chicago Cubs Game

Premium club seats are a wonderful way to experience a baseball game at Wrigley Field. All of the following private clubs offer exclusive benefits like comfortable padded seating, elevated dining options, and access to private lounges. 

Premium club ticket holders also benefit from early entry to the grounds, with access to the club facilities from two hours before the scheduled game time until an hour after the game ends. 

Membership of all the following clubs is available on a full-season basis. The W Club and Executive Club also offer membership on a half-season basis. 

If you’d like to experience one of these premium seating options, it’s worth checking on StubHub as members sometimes list their unused seats there. Prices will vary, but as a guideline, you may be able to buy tickets for the American Airlines 1914 Club for around $500 or higher.

American Airlines 1914 Club

The American Airlines 1914 Club is a truly VIP experience for Cubs fans who want to get as close as possible to the field. 

1914 Club seating is located in the first seven rows of sections 13-22 between the dugouts and behind home plate. These seats give club members a perfect view of some of Wrigley Field’s iconic features, including the manual scoreboard and ivy-covered outfield wall.

The climate-controlled club space combines elegant surroundings with modern amenities. All-inclusive dining options inside the club include grill stations, artisanal pizzas, ballpark classics, and tempting desserts. 

Grab-and-go options are also available, or members can take advantage of the complimentary in-seat food and drink service from dedicated vendors.

There are several bars serving domestic and craft beers, premium wines, and spirits, all of which are included in club membership. Reserve wines are also available for purchase.

  • Excellent view from behind home plate
  • Premium all-inclusive dining options
  • Several club bars serving premium beers, wines, and spirits
  • Grab-and-go options
  • Complimentary in-seat food and drink service
  • Private restrooms

Maker’s Mark Barrel Room

The Maker’s Mark Barrel Room has the classic air of an old-school Chicago speakeasy, with hand-crafted cocktails and artisan menus. It’s located just beyond the visitors’ dugout and gives members an exclusive view of the visitors’ batting tunnel. 

Maker’s Mark Barrel Room club seating occupies rows 1-7 of sections 27-29, located just behind first base in short right field. 

Members can enjoy high-quality menus served at carving stations, paired with an impressive selection of spirits, beers, and wines.

There are also grab-and-go food and drink options and dedicated vendors serving complimentary beer and water to these seats, so you need never miss a minute of the action.

  • Great view from just behind first base
  • Chef-driven dining and a well-stocked bar
  • Hand-crafted cocktails
  • Grab-and-go food and drink 
  • Complimentary in-seat water and beer service
  • Private restrooms

The W Club

The W Club is the ultimate club for Cub fans. It occupies seats in the first 12 rows of sections 3-5 down the left field line and members may see the Cubs warming up in their batting tunnel. Of course, you’ll also have an excellent low-level view of the game.

W Club members enjoy early access to their premium club space, with a tempting buffet and all-inclusive beers, wines, and soft beverages. There’s also a full-service bar inside the climate-controlled club, which is decorated with unique Chicago Cubs memorabilia.

  • Excellent proximity to the field
  • Multiple big screens
  • Private restrooms
  • All-inclusive buffet, beer, wine, and soft drinks
  • Private full-service bar

James Hardie Catalina Club

The James Hardie Catalina Club is located in sections 315-318, directly behind home plate. This location will give you stunning views of the field and the Chicago skyline from the stadium’s Upper Level, and you might even manage to get hold of a foul ball.

Members enjoy comfortable seating, private restrooms, and a delicious array of small plates and grilled food. Soft drinks, beers, and wines are included in membership, and there’s access to a full-service bar. 

  • Elevated views of the field
  • Indoor and outdoor patios
  • Exclusive food and drink options

Executive Club

The Executive Club is the only Wrigley Field club located on the Suite Level and enjoys excellent views down the third base line. 

This club is designed to reflect the Cubs player locker room. It offers climate-controlled indoor and outdoor spaces with comfortable, padded seating. 

The elegant club space has flat-screen TVs, and club members enjoy an all-inclusive buffet, soft drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails. 

  • Padded indoor and outdoor seats
  • Excellent views of the field
  • Outdoor heat lamps (seasonal)
  • HD TVs
  • All-inclusive food and drink options

Suites at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field’s 80 luxury suites are located down first base and third base sides on the Suite Level. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate 15-60 guests and can be booked on a multi-game basis.

Guests benefit from parking passes and early entry through a dedicated premier entrance. The suites have a full-height refrigerator, flat-screen TVs, a retractable glass wall to the outdoor space, and outdoor heat lamps when the weather turns chilly. 

In-suite dining is available, so you can enjoy a wide choice of food and beverage without missing any of the action. 

  • Comfortable indoor/outdoor space
  • Outdoor heat lamps (seasonal)
  • In-suite catering 

Single Game Suites

Single-game suites can accommodate 8 or 10 guests and are available for weekend and holiday games. 

These suites offer many of the same amenities as the suites above, including preferred parking, flat-screen TVs, and outdoor heat lamps.

Guests can also take advantage of all-inclusive catering packages, including specially selected food menus, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Which Is The Best Premium Seating Option At Wrigley Field?

The American Airlines 1914 Club is Wrigley Field’s premier seating option, with an excellent view from directly behind home plate. Its elevated dining options and club bars help make it the ultimate VIP Wrigley Field experience. 

The James Hardie Catalina Club is also located directly behind home plate, but its Upper Level position gives you a more elevated view of the game.

However, these premium club memberships are only available on a full-season or half-season basis. 

If you’re looking for a premium experience on a per-game basis, the Single Game suites are an excellent choice for groups of 8-10 guests.

Which Seats Are Shaded At Wrigley Field?

Wrigley Field faces north, and the third base side sees shade first in day games. 

If you prefer to sit on the Field Level, go for seats in rows 10 and higher across sections 106-115. These will be out of the sun but give you a good view of the game. 

If your game starts after 3pm, most Field Level sections between home plate and left field foul pole will be shaded throughout the game.

Shaded seats are also available on the Mezzanine level (200 sections) and Upper Deck level (300 and 400 sections), but support beams may obstruct your view on the 200 and 400 levels. 

If avoiding sun exposure is important to you, avoid the Bleachers, lower-level seats near the right field corner, and sections along first base line on Field and Club levels.

Which Are The Best Seats for Families At Wrigley Field?

Tickets for regular season Cubs games are not required for children aged two and under who are seated on an adult’s lap. You’ll need a ticket for all children older than two. 

Sections 210 and 212 are close to concession stands, the Cubs dugout, and Clark’s Clubhouse, home of the Cubs mascot. These sections are located on the third base side, so they get early shade and have some cover from the upper deck. 

If your kids are more interested in the atmosphere than getting a clear view, you can find some affordable seating options with good shade and cover in the Terrace Reserved sections 202-233. However, avoid Terrace Reserved Outfield Corner seats, as these have heavily-obstructed views. 

The upper deck seating can be a good option for families. Sections 312-309 on the first base side and 321-324 on the third base side are close to restrooms and concessions, while sections 319-322 give an unobstructed view of the field. 

The lower rows of sections 423-425 give more protection from the elements, and the walk to amenities isn’t too long. However, they’re quite far from the field, and seats near the aisles can have obstructed views. 

Family-friendly Facilities at Wrigley Field

Restrooms are available throughout Wrigley Field, and most of them have baby changing facilities. A private lounge for nursing mothers is located just inside the Gallagher Way Gate.

ID wristbands for children are available at Fan Services locations. You can also commemorate your child’s first visit to Wrigley Field with a personalized First Timer’s Certificate from the First Timer’s location on the main concourse.

Which Are The Best Seats for a Group of Friends At Wrigley Field?

The Bleachers are the ultimate spot for socializing at Wrigley Field and a great place to enjoy a beer with friends while you watch the game. 

Left Field bleachers give you a better chance of catching a home run ball, and smaller seating areas make it easier to leave and return to your seat. The atmosphere is a bit quieter here, though. 

Center Field has two tiers of seating, but the view of the field isn’t great and not many home run balls land here.

Right Field has the best Bleachers atmosphere and large seating areas with a standing rail above the seats. This is definitely the best spot for socializing.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or want to entertain a large group of friends, you could also rent one of the Wrigley Fields Single Game Suites or the Budweiser Patio.

Where Should Visitors Sit At Wrigley Field?

The visiting team’s dugout is located in front of sections 23-26. These sections will get visiting fans close to their favorite players and give you a great view of the team running on and off the diamond. 

The 1914 Club has some of Wrigley Field’s best amenities and offers excellent seats for visiting fans. If you can get hold of tickets for the first few rows of section 22, you’ll be just a few rows away from the field, with fantastic views of the visitors’ on-deck circle and dugout. However, these seats are also some of the most exclusive and expensive tickets at Wrigley Field. 

At the other end of the scale are the iconic Wrigley Field Bleachers. This area has general admission seating and a party atmosphere that’s renowned throughout baseball. Be ready for some heckling from Cubs fans!

Where To Sit At Wrigley Field For The Best Food

Wrigley Field has a great selection of concessions, with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food sold throughout the stadium. 

Some of the Wrigley Field fan favorites include the official hot dog of Wrigley Field from Vienna Beef Grill on Aisle 131 and Chicago’s most famous popcorn maker, Garrett Popcorn, who can be found on levels 100, 200, 300, and in the bleachers. 

Individual thin-crust pizzas from Home Run Inn are available on the 100 and 300 levels, and ticket holders in the Bleachers can also enjoy Hot Doug’s incredibly popular hot dogs. 

All food and beverages can be ordered through the MLB Ballpark app using cashless payments, and then you can pick up your order from the nearest concession stand. In-seat vending services are also available.

Transportation And Parking At A Chicago Cubs Home Game

If you’d prefer to drive to Wrigley Field, there are various routes depending on where you’re traveling from. Full directions can be found on the Wrigley Field website

Parking at Wrigley Field

There are several parking lots around Wrigley Field, and you can book Wrigley Field parking online or make a cashless payment on the day.

The Toyota Camry lot on W. Grace Street offers accessible parking for visitors with a valid disability license plate or placard. 

Remote parking is also available, with a free shuttle service that runs between N. Rockwell St and Irving Park Road. The shuttle service starts two hours before first pitch and runs until one hour after the game ends.

Arriving by Public Transportation

Public transport is the convenient way to reach Wrigley Field. You can take CTA Bus #152 (Addison) or CTA Bus #22 (Clark) to the ballpark—both routes stop at the intersection of Clark Street and Addison Street. 

You can also take the CTA Red Line, which stops at the Addison station directly outside the ballpark. For more information about schedules and connections to the Red Line, visit

Ridesharing arrangements

On game days, rideshare pick-up locations are on Addison Street between Broadway and Halsted Street and Irving Park Road between Clark Street and Seminary Avenue. 

When To Arrive For A Chicago Cubs Game

Gates open 90 minutes before the scheduled first pitch for most games. They open two hours before the scheduled first pitch for Open Day, special occasions, and Saturday games.

Premium club ticket holders can access their club two hours before the scheduled game time or 90 minutes before the start of 6.40pm games. Clubs remain open for members until one hour after the game’s end unless otherwise advised.

There are six gates at Wrigley Field. Your mobile ticket will show an assigned entry gate, which you should use to enter and leave the ballpark.

Batting Practice

Batting Practice generally starts 90 minutes before the scheduled first pitch. However, practice times are subject to change.

Logistics at Wrigley Field

Contactless Entry

All Chicago Cubs tickets are available as mobile tickets through the free MLB Ballpark app, which you can also use to order from Wrigley Field concessions in the ballpark. 

To enter the park, you can scan your mobile ticket at one of the self-scan ticket pedestals. Screenshots and photographs will not be accepted.

You can order a commemorative ticket through the app if you want a souvenir of your visit. These tickets do not provide entry to Wrigley Field. 

Reverse ATMs

All payments at Wrigley Field are cashless. You can make payments throughout the ballpark using credit or debit cards and Apple Pay or Google Pay mobile apps. 

If you need to convert cash to a prepaid debit card, Reverse ATMS are located at sections 117 and 2017 and on the ramp at the Budweiser Bleachers. Regular ATMS are also available throughout the ballpark. 


Tailgating is not allowed in any parking lots operated by the Chicago Cubs, and open alcohol container laws are strictly enforced.

Which are The Best Seats At Wrigley Field?

Finding the best option for seats at Wrigley Field means avoiding the infamous roof support pillars that obstruct views on the Terrace and Upper Deck levels. 

If you’re looking for standard seating at Wrigley Field, Club Box seating gives you a fantastic view from right next to the field. You’ll feel like a premium club member but won’t have to pay the premium club prices, with tickets starting at $123.

The view from Field Box sections is fantastic, so go for sections 112-122 if you want to be close to home plate for just $140. 

The Upper Box Infield sections 308-314 and 319-327 also give an excellent view of the Cubs, and with prices starting at $76, they’re some of the cheapest tickets at Wrigley Field.

Premium club membership is available on a full-season or half-season basis. The most exclusive club is the American Airlines 1914 Club. These seats get you up close to home plate, and the luxury amenities include all-inclusive food and beverage options. 

If you want a premium club membership with an elevated view of the field, the James Hardie Catalina Club is located on the Suite Level. This gives you excellent sightlines from down the third baseline, and your club membership includes all-inclusive food and drink.

Whichever option you go for, you’re sure to have a great time at the iconic Wrigley Field. Now you just need to choose your tickets!

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